Battle of the browns

  1. Hi ladies, I just got my first BV bag, the large Veneta, which I've been eyeing off and on for a couple of years. I finally purchased one b/c there are days I need a shoulder bag (as opposed to my handheld birkins which I love, but with kids, can get in the way). I love the Veneta... i find it more comfortable to carry on the shoulder than the Gucci hobo and it's lightweight, like the Balenciaga hobos, but without the tassles, and the cross weave gives the Veneta beautiful texture.

    ANYWAY, my main question here relates to color. I bought the veneta in Ebano which I know is a classic color, and is such an elegant color with the gold zipper. BUT, my eye was drawn to the Noce/hazelnut as a nice summer color. I went with the Ebano which two SAs recommended with my coloring. But I can't help wonder whether I made the right decision.

    This will be my only veneta so I want a color that will be versatile all year, including for when I wear BLACK in the winter. I've always had this issue with black going with brown.

    What are your opinions? Thanks!
  2. Both browns are TDF and you really can't go wrong with either. I personally like the Noce because it's lighter and you can really see the leather detail. Just think of it this way, you can get another BV bag later in the Noce color.
  3. Limo has become my new favorite neutral that is pretty seasonless and I like it better than Noce. I have Ebano and love it but it is pretty close to black and may leave you short of having a summer purse.
  4. I think you made the right choice, as Ebano is so rich that it could swing w/ a black outfit . . . love the Noce but it is lighter and to me would be more of a 3 season bag, just a personal choice -- I tend to favor my black bags more in the cold months since I wear lots of black. Enjoy your beautiful new bag!!!:smile:
  5. I'm a big fan of the ebano color. I carried my large veneta in ebano all summer, but then again, I don't wear too many dark colors in the summer. About the darkness -- I think when the light hits it, and color really brightens. The limo is a fantastic color, but it might not be as worry-free as a darker shade.
  6. I have ebano campana and noce veneta. Ebano is definitely the most versatile colour all year round. Until this particular bag, I had an issue with brown/black combo as well, as 70% of my clothes are black. However, b/o the shiny richness of ebano, combined with the softness of the bag, it looks fantastic both in summer and winter, with light as well as dark colours.
  7. both colors are gorgeous, but when I was picking out my ball bag I went with hazelnut. IMO it is an all seasons color. The darker brown is more of a fall/winter color.
  8. Stick with Ebano. I think it's BV's "feature color" (even though I recently purchased my first Veneta in black)
  9. Ebano. It is truly versatile, I have seen it in action with both dark and light colours. IMO, not only is it the most classy and classic of all, it is THE Bottega colour.
  10. ^^I totally agree!
  11. I think the Ebano is a great colour to start off a BV collection! It's such a rich and gorgeous shade of brown, which makes for an all year round colour IMO :yes: I love Noce too, but wouldn't give up an Ebano for it. :p
  12. Ebano is a great classic BV color.....Its the color i think of when i hear BV
  13. ebano is a beautiful brown, but it was too close to my bbag hobo so i couldn't get over the similarity. i went back to BV and exchanged it for the LIMO, which i love, love, love!!! i'm really happy with it, b/c i can see it going with winter and summer. i liked the NoCE, but limo was calling me more.
  14. Yay- so glad for you. The Limo is perfect for all seasons.:yes: