Battle of the Black Works...07 vs 09!

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Which Black GGH Work would you pick?

  1. 07 Black GGH Work

  2. 09 Black GGH Work

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I LOVE both!
    I am a Chevre fanatic, so I am drawn to the 2007 GGH Black Work, simply because it is Chevre!
    BUT ....the F/W 09 is SO beautiful and distressed!
    Just wondering which one you would pick, if you had to choose only one!
    It is so hard, because BOTH are beautiful, and they are so different!

    PS: Neither one is for sale, I am NOT advertising in any way, shape, or form!
  2. Here is the 07 Black GGH Work:


  3. And the 09 :


  4. 09 on the left, 07 on the right:

  5. 09 left, 07 right:

  6. Truly, both of them are so beautiful!

  7. *L* i already told you ,the leather on your 09 is fabolous and distressed...your 07 has smooth 09 gets my vote ..btw it is an hard choice:sweatdrop:

    i am impressed by this new 09 leather:nuts:
  8. I voted for the 07 because the leather is so smooth and scrumptious on that one. They are both gorgeous but I prefer the leather on the 07.
  9. Hi know, *F*, I used to be such a die-hard Chevre-only snob....but I have to agree that the 09 leather is INCREDIBLE!
    Virgo, I love that smooth leather, too!
  10. Leslie, in this case, I would pick the 09. The leather is really INCREDIBLE! 07 is still nice.
  11. Wow, I would've thought you got their years reversed! Anyway, that means my pick is '09. It looks delectable! The '07 might not "wow" you anymore after a while.
  12. Maybe the 09's are the NEW 07's, LOL !
  13. Gosh, so hard to say from the photos because they are both so stunning. Love the distress of the '09, but the '07 somehow seems smooshier and thicker. Plus, I just ADORE my '07 black city and would never give her up cause I love the leather so much. So, I guess I'll go vote for '07; sounds like she needs a little support :biggrin:
  14. '09 all the way ... that leather is gorgeous! Love the distressing.
  15. (For me): the 09 no question. I love distressed leather! :heart: