Battle of the BBags! What to buy?

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  1. I have the opportunity of purchasing (at a reasonable priced):
    An 05 (?) Black Day
    an 06 Truffle Work
    an 06 (?) Extra Courier ( in one of the browns, perhaps Truffle as well)

    This would be my first BBag, and an investment, and I can't decide!
    I like bigger bags, but the EC might just be too big? (I am 5'6")

    OR... Should I scrap the whole thing and go for Chanel?:confused1:

    I'm trying to avoid being too showy and tacky, but just want a generally practical and beautiful bag. Thanks guys!! :shrugs:
  2. I I think the EC is for men? Yes, that would be bigger than the regular Courier which is already huge! I would go with the Truffle Work!
  3. The Day is a really comfortable, practical style of bag. It's beautiful but it's also not too showy or as obvious as some other styles, especially in a classic color like black. I love it I can just throw mine over my shoulder and not have to worry about it. I would say go for that! It's also very reasonably sized... you can fit a lot of stuff in it but it won't overwhelm you!
  4. 05 leather are TDF so maybe the Black Day is calling your name.Truffle Works comes close but handle drop for 06 Work is rather short so you probably have to really break it in if you want to shoulder sling. EC IMO is very HUGE so maybe not?
  5. I vote for the day! :tup:
  6. I'd go for the black day. I have one and I love it, also as was mentioned 05 was apparently a great year.
  7. Day!
  8. I would say Day, too...but I love the color truffle. Work is practical, too.
  9. If you love big bags,you should go for the work! Truffle is a fabulous colour.
    But,the '05 day should be amazing! If the leather is divine and irresistible I say go for the day!!!:nuts:
  10. i vote for the day!! i would kill for an '05 day, esp in black!
  11. '05 Day, hands down. It's comfortable to carry, not showy, and the leather is :love:
  12. I would say 05 black Day! I have one that I'm sadly letting go due to money issues but she is DIVINE! My first time trying a Day out and I have to say I'll someday buy another one, no doubt about it. =)
  13. i vote for the truffle work =)
  14. I would either go for the Black Day or the Truffle Work. Truffle is a really beautiful color and who doesn't want tons of Bal leather? On the other hand, Black goes with everything and the Day style is pretty handy for using it everyday (as I am assuming you will be doing). I'd go with Bal over Chanel. It's a beautiful style that you can dress up or down and it's fabulously recognizable only by those who know about Bal, so you won't feel like you're showing off as compared to carrying another brand. Some people are more concerned about this due to the economic state of things. But really it's a form of expression.
  15. I vote for Truffle work too!