Battle of the BAGS!


Dec 11, 2006
Midwest America; God's country
Okay DH and I went out to dinner last night with another couple. The other woman at this event is sort of a bag dabbler, she has a Prada, two Gucci's and an assortment of Coaches. We were celebrating her birthday (sort of) so this gal was anxious to present her birthday gift, a new Coach Bag (she lifts it with pride), here's the purse:

I then lifted my Choco Chloe, Chain Handle, Patent Betty to salute her bag. I'm my book there was no comparison. However it was funny, both bags had the hardware thing going on.

Here are some observations after inspecting this lady's bag and listening to her comments, BTW she's 70 years old.

One, her Coach in my opinion was a fabulous buy. The leather was gorgeous and soft. Coach mixed two types of leather to personify this particular bag and it worked. The color was viberant, a stunning red.

Two, this 70 year old lady was wearing a purse with lots of silver hardware and it looked great on her (relief for me as I age more).

Three, this woman commented that her more expensive Gucci's and Prada were no different in quality then the Coach purse that she just purchased. I'll give it to her, it was made very well?

Now do I regret my Chloe's??????? HELL NO! As Coach is starting to really excell in craftsmanship, they still lack in the sophistication where Chloe reigns . But with Coach's new designer I think they've come a long way. Interesting as I perused their webpage this was the only bag I really liked?

BTW she commented that my Chloe was gorgeous!:tup:


Nov 16, 2007
Coach is probably the least appealing brand to me... I don't know... it doesn't have that oomph for me. I guess Coach doesn't look romantic like a Dior to me, elegant like a Hermes, casually chic like a Chloe or sophisticated like a Burberry to me. It lacks character... I feel like I could pick up a bag anywhere and it would look like a Coach. I mean no question about differences in craftmanship or material or colour or anything like that, but style... it's not for me.

Sorry Coach lovers... :shame:.


Aug 24, 2006
Have to say that for several years I did buy Coach, D&B, as well as an occasional Gucci and LV, mainly because there was nowhere to purchase anything else. I only bought Gucci or LV when I would go to a 'big city'. Now, that my senses have been awakened to Chloe and other designers via media/internet and the arrival of high-end stores in my area, I'm somewhat spoiled. Not that Coach doesn't produce a quality bag, it's just that my taste has been elevated.
Also, good to know that at 70 one still can be handbag obsessed. Whew!!


Jan 11, 2007
Well, I have to weigh in on this one....I bought "Coach" in high school and college. They have nice bags, but not in the same universe as Chloe IMHO. They are still too "preppy" for me. I just like that edgy thing that Chloe has going on with the leather and hardware. They are about 10 levels above the "Coach" handbags. I like the "Coach" gloves though, and still buy those! Priced right, and they use a lovely lambskin for lots of them!


Follow Your Heart...
Apr 17, 2007
Fantasy Island
old coach (at least 15 years old) had fabulous leather. I still have my old black court bag and wallet in the closet - too bad the bag looks so dated because the patina is amazing! BTW I did use the wallet for about 15 yrs up until about 3 months ago, before my LV accessory obsession began!

If coach still used their true legacy leather, I would still be buying!


Jul 20, 2007
I used to buy Coach. I used to think that their handbags are "value". Good quality leather bags at reasonable prices. Not anymore. Their handbag prices had shoot thru the roof, with some bags pricing $700 and up. If I am going to spend $700 on a bag, I would rather add more $$ and buy a Chloe. IMO, Chloe's leather is of a much better quality. I think Chloe bags probably maintain its resale value a whole lot better too.


no will power
May 17, 2007
Yeah, I dont know why but I've never been a Coach or D&B fan. They just never catch my eye, I guess.

ali w

Nov 29, 2006
Where it never rains....
I think coach is trying to "step up there game" and produce bags that are more cutting edge, but I still would not purchase them. I too carried coach in high school, and no matter how good the leather is they just don't compare to Chloe.


Nov 8, 2007
I, too, have a couple of Coach bags. It's funny. When I was first introduced to the concept of "designer" bags, I thought it was completely ridiculous to spend $200-300 on a Coach bag, let alone the money for LV or Chanel (I didn't yet know about Chloe' or Bal or the other lovelies).

Now that I'm much wiser :shame:, the persepctives changed entirely!:yes:

I have a little black canvas wristy that has been changed from wallet to tobacco pouch (which is perfect)since the chloe' wallet arrived, and a large pebbled shopper that I found at a Coach outlet for a steal (@200 or so).

And I have to say that my Coach Evelyn slingback heels are the most perfect "day heels" I've found yet.


Nov 22, 2006
Chesterfield Missouri
So Suze - you went out to dinner with the "Queen" - huh? Glad to hear you patched things up. I like her Coach bag okay but none compare to Chloes. Sure we had a lot of Coaches before our sensibilities were awakened. We used to get 40% off deals on them through our other sister and we took advantage of that. If only we could 40% off deals on anything Chloe at any time!!!
Alright, I admit it. I'm also a fan of Coach. Coach bags are just different from Chloe bags. The price is "right" and the quality is great for the price. I use my Coach for daily stuff, like work. I don't worry about getting scratches or marks on the leather (funnily enough, my Coach bags still seem brand new & I don't baby them). I'm now anxiously waiting for my first Chloe (should be here tomorrow!!!) and will only use that for special occasions. You gals here have hooked me on to Chloe's.