Battle of The Bags:- The Face off S/S


Battle of the Bags Spring Summer Edition

  1. 2001 Graffiti

  2. 2002 Conte de Fees

  3. 2003 Cherry Blossom

  4. 2004 Theda

  5. 2005 Cerise

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I thought this would be interesting

    The Battle of The Bags
    Spring Summer Edition

    You have 5 options to chose which will be the champion ​

    2001 Graffiti
    2002 Conte de Fees
    2003 Cherry Blossom
    2004 Theda
    2005 Cerise​

    Note: Pics are an example of collection line you can judge on the line as a whole

    GraffitiSpeedies_marked.jpg ConteDeFeesBasace.jpg CherryBlossomPapill%7E_marked.jpg SS04ThedaPMRoseStrass.jpg CerisesSpeedy25_marked.jpg
  2. my vote is for the CHERRY BLOSSOMS! :love: they are so adorable. the Cerises is a very close second, though! I have pochettes in both. :biggrin:
  3. It looks like Cherry Blossoms is jumping right out there, but my personal fav is the Cerises speedy.
  4. conte de fees!
  5. The Cerises collection :love: Needs no explanation!
  6. Cherry Blossom for moi!
  7. Graffiti for me:tup:
  8. ~I love the Cerises line. I have the Speedy and the bucket:love:, although lately I've been eyeing the Cherry Blossoms on eBay:sweatdrop:~
  9. I will say Cerise also :yes:
  10. Graffiti Keepall and Conte De Fees Beggar's bag are both in my HG list. but i voted for the Conte De Fees because its rarer and more creative and harder to make.
  11. Deff Cherry Blossom:love::heart:, why couldent I have been into LV 4 years ago.:confused1:
  12. Cerises!!!
  13. Graffiti! Wish I could get my hands on a khaki speedy!
  14. I like the pretty and feminine...I don't know how often I'd use it. But I've always thought this bag was so different from the others.
  15. I voted Graffiti because its really hot