battle of mind over a Speedy 40!!!

  1. Hi everyone and a HAPPY NEW YEAR...
    I was at the boutique yesterday and i was looking for a bag as usual lol. I was looking for something soft and saggy for everyday use. FYI i'm a guy. I tried the Tulum GM but it was a bit weird on me, my girlfriend agreed that it was a bit too short. So I asked for the speedy 40. My SA laughed and brought out the speedy and the neverfull GM. Neverfull looked good and extremely practical but too feminine IMO. And then I tried the Speedy....oh my god i thought it was the perfect bag...perfect size for someone like me!!! I even transferred all my things from my 40 Birkin so as to see it full and it was better. The thing is that I wanted your opinion because you have taste. SAs no matter how good you know them will never be unbiased like you guys. My grlfriend liked it but she doesn't like canvas bags(sorry to say that) so she didn't persuade me
    At least I reserved the Damier Lune Cabas...yay
    So come on boys and girls help me with this...
  2. and for the guys in this forum:
    Would you wear the speedy 40? Please help
  3. I think all Damier messenger bags are very cute on guys to carry around town. Mono Report GM is another nice one to go with. If you look for something saggy for everyday, I think Palermo PM would be nice to carry across body. Happy hunting for your new bag! :smile:
  4. thanks for your answer but i already have abbesses and bastille. Do you really think the palermo would look good on guy? Would you hold the speedy 40? I think I'm in love with it and i don't seem to be able to think of anything else??? Ladies now I get the way you feel about your speedys...:yes:
  5. I got one and I just love this bag. Just add a mini luggage tag and it'll look fantastic. :yes:
  6. OMG would it be to much to show us a photo? Please...I haven't seen anyone in Greece no man wears handbags...Please photo...Also does it get too heavy? Why add the tag? to go with the keepall style? Thanks for your answer:yahoo:
  7. Yes I love the way speedy look with luggage tag, the bag itself is really light weight and i try not to put heavy items in it due to the fact that it's a hand-held bag. I prefer messenger style bag for heavy stuffs.

    here's my speedy 40 with mini luggage tag
  8. it's just beautiful. thank you very much for the you know if it's easy to find the tag? Do you know how much it goes for? thank you again..

    Come on guys i need your opinions...
  9. I just bought it from LV boutique and order a heat stamped. It cost me £19 for a tag (mini) and the heat stamped service is free.
  10. I'm not a guy, buy I do own the Speedy 40. It holds alot, is quite durable, relatively affordable for an LV, and you can always add a shoulder strap to it. The luggage tag can be added for under $40, and you can even have your initials heatstamped on it. It will last you forever!
  11. bpbtk you have put in serious you guys think the Palermo pm would look on a guy?? I've seen it IRL but i didn't have the chance of trying it on...Maybe i should go back to the boutique tomorrow!!! Moggie you persuaded enough so as to buy both of them...Oh I'm so dead when my mother gets the cc least she'll a happy son(lol)
  12. I would kill to see you rock one!

    I also would love to see you rock a Birkin!
  13. Thank you sophia...which one would you prefer??? As for the Birkin i have received compliments even from male friends that never have hold a bag...that means something right? I'm planning my next Birkin purchase over the summer but right now i NEED some lv haha. So tell me your opinion speedy 40 or palermo pm or both? No seriously which one is better?
  14. Goodmornig guys
    i just got back from the boutique where I tried the Palermo pm along with the speedy 40...oh my god I'm totally confused...Please help!! Which one would you buy?
  15. mmm Palermo for me is a big NO hehehe, I think the palermos r really really girly
    I had a speedy 35 and sold it cause it was too small for me.
    I want a speedy 40 now cause that would be the perfect size
    I would really think you should buy the 40.
    Here there is a picture of me with the 35!
    hope it helps, I'm 172cm