battle of gucci bags...

  1. hi there,

    my fellow gucci mates:lol:'s some questions i post for you...something a poll..all in the name of fun :yes:

    Q1) if you see more than one gucci bag you like, what do you do?
    A) choose the one you like the most
    B) bust your account and go broke for a few months :wlae:

    Q2) Battle of the bags...i am just curious, which one of the bags you think
    should come out tops?
    A) pic 1-gucci boston 131092 :yahoo:
    B) pic 2/3-blondies :yahoo:(pic 3 courtesy of BooYah)

    boston.jpg blondie.jpg blondiebooyah001RS.JPG
  2. lol...bust my account...and pic 3 thats a real beauty, boo yah!

  3. hahaha:roflmfao: , i will bust my account too! thanks for sharing gucci girl
  4. I would totally bust my account. I have before. Handbags are my weakness. I can't help myself.
  5. Bust up the account as long as it doesn't send you to the poor house

    ... after all "Poor is forever; broke is for a little while, but a good bag is timeless..."
  6. gucci! You are so lucky ....I am jealous, and I handle these bags everyday at work. Those 2 styles are old models, and really hard to find. Congratulations!
  7. :drool: over the Blondie
  8. Hmmmmm. Both great bags.

    I would get the Boston first and then the Blondie if you can't get them at the same time.

    I try to only get one bag at a time because I always want another one right after buying one.

    I have also been trying to buy matching accessories for each bag before getting another bag. Just a new kick I'm on, I guess. :smile:
  9. my favourite is the white boston..

    i always have more than 1 bags that i like and i would buy my favourite since buying one...

    through experience when i give in and buy more telling myself i will just eat bread for the next 2 mths it never works because there's always another bag that comes along.
  10. hi all, THANKS for all your input, it is much appreciated:yes: :yes:

    anyway, another question..what is the longest period of time you have busted your account for a bag/bags? a few months-year? thanks all again!!:yes:
  11. Bust my account! Then go on a purse ban for as long as possible. This time I lasted about 1 month. Not very long IMO! Sometimes I sell some bags that I no longer use to pay for the new ones.

    Go for the Blondie!
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