Battle of Bags!

  1. Hey everyone!

    Has anyone read the new Life & Style magazine (with Britney and Kevin on the cover)? There is a piece called "The Battle of Bags" and they have Nicky Hilton and LiLo with their fabulous bags! There are two pages on this and the pics are YUMMY!!!!

    I love Nicky's quilted Chanel bag and Lilo's Birkin (I think it's a Birkin...the blue one?). Anyway, I don't have pics but if you want to see the bags, get that magazine (I'm addicted to it!!!!...I'm so bad!). I'll try to look online for pics. Once I find them, I'll post them in this thread!
  2. Cool! I might have to take a gander at it next time I"m in the grocery store.
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