Battle of Azur and Damier-need ur help!


IT's ON---Battle of Damier Azur and Ebony!

  1. Azur

  2. Ebony

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  1. Definitely need to get the Saleya MM in ASAP, my poor Gucci tote gave up on me after many years of 'abuse' :crybaby: Tried BH, but the straps aren't too friendly on my narrow shoulder. Hampstead-not my cup of tea.

    I am considering the MM, b/c the PM is a tab too small for my needs, but not sure if Azur or Damier ebony will be the best all year round color? I already have Azur speedy 30, :heart: the refreshing color combo, but not so sure when it's on a tote....

    Damier ebony-Vahcetta worry free! Weather Friendly. Classy-can see myself wear it many years down the road. But a bit too dull on Asian skin, boring for summer?

    Azur-Refreshing color combo-cheerful version of damier ebony. Great for TX's sunny weather. But a tab hard for me to picture myself wearing it years down the road. Not sure how often i can pull it out during winter time?

    This will be more of my everyday tote, I already have a black reversible from Stripe Coach work horse tote, Chanel black PST and white GST are mainly what i use in weekends for shopping.

    For the Saleya GM owners, do you use it as daily bag or school bag? If school bag, how is the lining hold up w/the rubbing of heavy text book-any bold part?

    Many thanks!
  2. I can see all the reasons for choosing Azur, however, if you're going to use it as an every-day tote the ebony will stay fresher, look newer for a longer time unless you're super careful with the azur. I know I am not careful so I wouldn't be able to keep the azur clean.

    Good luck!
  3. I would definitely go for the ebony. Much more practical and worry-free. I feel like it goes with everything and if you happen to be outside when it starts raining it will be OK. Plus you already have the azur speedy.
  4. lol, you got me! The vachettea strap on azur speedy already have some scratch which I had no clue how and when it get there, lol.:sweatdrop:
  5. Oops. Can't retract my vote---- I change my vote to ebony if you're going to use it everyday all year long... not that Azur can't be worn everyday, but you already have the speedy and the color combo when ebony and azur sit together is actually quite pleasing! haha~ I love the contrast! Plus------don't you get tornadoes and giagantic downpours every now and then? Your Azurs might be left behind if you do pick the Azur in Saleya.

    I vote for ebony. In the MM
  6. Since you already have the Azur speedy, get the ebony Saleya. If you're worried about it being too dark for summer, spruce it up with a light bandeau, or attach a cles as a bag charm, just for a little pop of color. Framboise looks really good with damier, as well as pomme, and the new coral tinkerbell would be super cute!
  7. for a school bag, i think you should get the damier ebene instead of the azur... only because i think the azur is prone to showing more wear over time. i love the azur, i also have a speedy, but it's not an everyday bag to me.
  8. Hello Classic Chic!

    I will choose an Azur one although Ebony is also a nice color.

    Personally, I never bought anything with Damier Pattern until Azur was launched out ( I also got an Azur Speedy) and I want to buy a Saleya PM in Azur soon too.

    Go for an AZUR!

    Anyway, it is up to how you take care of your bag as Ebony has darker color (so it is easy to take care of it).

    PS: I love to have a Saleya PM in Azur but I hate the handle with patina type which will be darker and for me, it will look so ugly on Azur.
  9. i'd go for the ebony if you're planning to use it daily. i actually think it's very flattering on asian skin tones and you would probably look great in it! i'd add some cute charms or a nice summery scarf to it to lighten the look for summer if that helps. can't wait to see what you get.
  10. Damier Ebene will last you longer from season to season. Vachetta free and worry free.
  11. Definitely the ebene.
  12. I agree that the saleya in Damier will stay looking new for a long time even through a beating. You could probably throw it around and it'd still look like new!! For me, that is SUPER appealing but... I've never really liked Damier. I thought it would grow on me as time progresses and I see more of it but so far, I still dont like it for whatever reason. But, if you like damier... I think it would be a wonderful choice for you.

    As for having the azur speedy and salyea azur.... I am having the same "problem". I'm looking for an "everyday" bag as well. I love azur as it is so cheery and refreshing but I feel it is a bit redundant to get 2 azurs since I am one that does not buy too often. I'm trying to decide which ones better. The azur looks better on the speedy but I already have a mono speedy that I never use b/c of the logos and I get tired of hand-carrying the speedy. As for the saleya in azur, I can carry on my shoulder but I wonder how good it'll look as a tote. And it worries me as to how long the bag will last (and look alright to carry as I dont want it to get super dark by the handles). I have a brown coach tote with rolled handles that I carried for 1-2 years non-stop and the handles got darker where it was carried. Let me know what you decide. Sorry if i wasnt much help.
  13. This was a tough one, but my vote was for the azur.
  14. If it's a everyday bag, I would choose the ebony.
  15. Ebony.