Battery of tests

  1. Is this the norm? My gyno made us wait one full year until we could begin any testing for infertility. Finally in Nov. we were able to get our 1st appt for a consult. Then... Dec - blood tests. Jan - PK test, Feb - supposed to be HSG, but the Dr is unavailable, so call back next cycle (March). After one year of waiting I am tired of waiting even longer. Does everyone else's Dr stretch all of this out (with no answers yet)?
  2. My doctor gave me three options after 9 cycles of no success. She said you can either:
    1) Do a battery of tests right away and spend alot of money
    2) Do an HSG and sperm analysis test
    3) Or Wait a full year

    She was willing to do what I wanted. I feel like she is a big advocate for me and wants to help me get pregnant. I would feel differently if she was not encouraging of finding out what was going on earlier than later.

    It sounds like you might need a more flexible Dr?? Can you see another w/in your group or change groups?

    Dr.s should be offering assistance in finding answers to your infertility, not delaying your fertility...
  3. I thought my drs. were pretty aggressive, I had my initial tests done right away. Even now as I switched Doctor's, I called today to decide that we're going to go with that new doctor and I'm going in tomorrow for a SHG.
  4. My first gynae kept telling me to have faith. I switched to a fertility specialist after nearly one year of trying and he put on us on various test immediately (obviously). But I felt he pushed the IVF upfront during the first consultation which made me uncomfortable.
  5. Thanks for the info! I am going to look into switching Drs. I just don't feel like he cares whether I get pregnant or not. He is all business/little compassion, which is not what I need right now.