BATMAN BEGINS..when does the sequel come out?

  1. :confused1:
  2. no date yet right, just 2008?
  3. so far yes :sad:

    can't wait to see Bale in action again :hysteric:
  4. I HATE this movie. It gave me another celeb crush! :crybaby: 2008? :crybaby: It'll be worth the wait. I wonder if the Joker will be in it or it was just a kind of teaser ending? :confused1:
  5. One of my most favorite movies!! Yes the Joker is in it and I forget now who the guy is that is playing the part. Let em google it......
  6. Health Ledger is playing the part of Joker!!
  7. imdb and the magazine "empire" are great sources for movies. i love them!!!!!!! you can search there any info about when it's coming out and in which stage of production it is now.