batik at outlets

  1. does anyone know when the batik collection will hit the outlets?
  2. Not sure if you had your question answered yet, but I saw that Batik is on Bluefly now. I'm sure that means it's at the outlets by now if not very soon.
  3. I saw a Batik crossbody at Nordstrom rack
  4. OK so now my Nord Rack has Batik. They got in Williamsfields, Chapletons, zip wallets and the Disco wristlets (with the shoulder strap).
  5. Can you remember what the prices of the zip wallets and williamsfields were? :smile:
  6. ^Hey doll! I'm pretty sure the Williamsfields were $150 and the zip wallets were $60. I have to admit....the print was very cute IRL. One of those that looks much better in person! :yes: