1. Is the Batignolles a bag that is made with the one piece of leather like the Popincourt Haut or the Speedy? So I guess my question is which bags have the Upside down LV's on one side.
  2. the batignolles are not made like that, the speedy is though.....I'm not sure what other bags are made like that though if any......
  3. Your question confused me. . . the LVs are on canvas not leather ;)

    ^She's right, the BH isn't like that.
  4. I didn't even notice she said leather, yeah it's actually knew some people who though they were leather....until I told them otherwise, oh well...

  5. I'm sorry, I should have said canvas. My mistake. Thanks for answering my question.
  6. Yeah, the Batignolles is made with 2 separate pieces and has a long piece of canvas going across the bottom and up the sides.
    The only bags I know of that have the upside down LV's are the current Keepalls and the Speedys.
  7. aren't the papillons also one piece....or maybe I'm remembering wrong?
  8. Yeah the papillons are made of one piece of canvas too
  9. I forgot about that one.
  10. Keepalls, too!
  11. popincort, too! Sometimes, when I'm out and people see mine I think they assume its fake . Obviously, some people don't know a real LV from a fake. Does anyone feel that way? I don't mind so much cuz I know my is real.
  12. And the Pochette Cosmetique is too!
  13. I'm pretty sure canvas IS made of leather...
  14. Keds! hehe lol....I wanted the cherry Keds that Micha Barton wore for the ad but couldn't find them anywhere.....BOOOO lol

    anyhoo, YES! Monogram Canvas, Multicolore, and Damier are all CANVAS!:wlae: