1. I'd like to buy a Batignolles Vertical but a friend told me that the handles of the bag slides.
    It's true?

    What about Neverfull?
  2. I think all handles of bags will slide until you wear them in, and only until then, they'll mold to your shoulder-shape and stop falling off...
  3. ^ Exactly. I LOVE my bh, it's the most versatile and functional of all!
  4. :heart:I love my Vertical Batignolles. It carries a lot of stuff and yet you could still afford to look chic!:yahoo:
  5. Same here!!:tup:
  6. yes, all handles will slide until you wear them in a little bit. i like the batignolles over the neverfull too. the handles on the neverfull is slightly thin for my preferences.
  7. You can always put the outside strap underneath the strap closest to your neck. That way it will stay secure on your shoulder.
  8. I had a BV but sold it because one of the straps kept falling off and it drove me NUTS! but I replaced it with a Neverfull MM and the straps don't move!
  9. Yeah most bags will slide until you wear the handles in, but i agree with above the BH is the most versitile :biggrin:
  10. Bh is my favorite bag... and the straps do fall off when new but will soon stay on your shoulders when you wear it in.
  11. Does anyone have any modeling pics of their Batignolles? (either style) I am curious as to how huge they might be, as the description says it will hold a laptop. (I am thinking it might be too big of an everyday bag for me) Help! :smile:
  12. [​IMG]

    I am 5' 8, 140 lbs if this helps.
  13. Yes, the straps will fall off your shoulder until you shape them a little.
    I have a vertical Batignolles and it's really versatile :smile: The handles are still driving me nuts tho
  14. I like the horizontal over the vertical. I tried them both and got the horizontal, it was more comfortable to carry and seemed to mold to the body perfectly. AS for the straps, one kept coming down but it din't really bother me.