Batignolles vs. Speedy?

  1. i prefer shoulder bags, but the speedy looks so cute! help me decide...

    BH, BV or Speedy?

    too many bags, so little time :smile:
  2. if you prefer shoulder bags, then get the BH first. the Speedy will always be around if you decide you want that too.
  3. Gotta tell you, I LOVE my speedy!! :smile: but am certainly eyeing the BH for my next one. So basically, just buy one cuz the next one is not far behind!!!!
  4. two different bags. I love the BH as a tote but would never wear it out to dinner for instance. Too big to set down, on the other hand, the 25 speedy would sit on your lap or on the table nicely. I love the speedy but to be out all day, it gets on my nerves because I need my hands and would rather have a shoulder bag.
  5. i totally love the BH... the speedy is such a classic... it will be around FOREVER!
  6. CrazyBagLady, that is EXACTLY what my dilemna is! perfectly said. two such different bags, both beautiful in their own way...i like the multi-purpose-ness of the BH but i would never want to take that with me if i was going out to dinner. perhaps too "work like?" then with the speedy, cant' fit as much in there, but i could use it for non-work occassions.

    decisions decisions :shame:
  7. I would rather get the Batignolles over a Mono Speedy any day! I don't like the Mono Speedy because it's everywhere. My vote is for the BH!
  8. I love the BH. I have a speedy, but I'm learning it's just not my style. My BH is definitely first choice!
  9. I vote for the BH. I've got one, and love it! I had originally ordered the Speedy 25 and thought it was too small. Then I ordered the 30 and thought it was too big. I started to realize that although I think the Speedy is a beautiful bag, I'm just not sure it's for me. I ordered a BH after reading the glowing reports here, and I'm so happy I did. I guess I'm just a casual person, but I take the BH out to dinner if need be. Most of the time, I'm with the hubby and don't even take my bag in the restaurant.
  10. You have to ask yourself....if you could only ever get one, (god forbid) which one would you get? If it were me, and I had to keep the speedy or the BH...It would be the BH. Like another poster said, the speedy will always be there. Its a classic and will never be discontinued. The BH is new and they say it is part of the permanent line...but who know? And the price is really good for as much bag as you get. But dont listen to me...because you may get it and see someone with a speedy and wish you had it too.
    If you want something smaller with a shoulder bag and not as big as the BH..did you look at the BV? or the popincourt?
  11. I have all three of the bags that you listed, and I think the one that I love the most is my BV, followed by the BH and then the speedy. I'm just not really into hanging into my bag by the straps like that, it seems like I'm always modelling the bag !
  12. I totally would get a BH, its becoming such a popular bag. :yes:
  13. Hmmm.........., BH and then Speedy !
  14. speedy!
  15. Agree! The BH was my first LV bag, and it's still the one I use the most, with Ms. Speedy a close second.