Batignolles vs Batignolles vertical


Sep 26, 2007
I would like to buy my mom a louis vuitton for christmas. :heart: She has a couple of coach bags, but one of her clients had a LV bag that she fell in love with - before this she didn't like LV at all. I showed her a picture of the BV and she said that it was what her client had that she loved. I'd like to buy her one because I know she'd never spend that much money on herself. I just don't know if it's the regular one or the vertical that she saw - I showed her picturs of both, but she has no idea which it was.

Can someone give me their opinions? Her bags aren't that big and my mom is pretty petite so I think the regular sized one could fit on her shoulder if she wanted (i think...). Is the BV that much bigger than the regular B?

Also, do you all think that these bags will sell out right before christmas? I'd like to buy it as close to christmas as possible so it'll give her as much of the full 14 days to exchange/return if she decides to. I'm trying to find things to sell off so I will be able to pay the entire thing off instead of carrying it on my credit card. :yucky:


Jun 4, 2006
That's very sweet of you to buy your mom something!

The regular Batignolles is quite small, almost looks miniature imo, and can only be used handheld (see pic). The Vertical one is indeed much bigger and can be a shoulder bag. If you're wondering which to get, I'd suggest the vertical one.

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There's also a Horizontal version. Many PFers like this and I personally think that this flatters a petite person more than the Vertical (I'm petite too 5'2, and use the horizontal one).
Maybe you guys can go shopping together and she'll be able to try it our in person at the boutique (unless you really want to surprise her). This way, she won't have to make an extra trip to LV if you guys live far.

As for being sold out, there might be a chance since it is the holidays season and this is a pretty popular model. However it's part of the permanent collection, so even if LV is sold out, they'll be restocked soon enough


Sep 26, 2007
thanks for the reply, CEC.LV4eva! I think I will def. get the vertical for my mom now. I showed her a picture of the horizontal, but she didn't like it. She thinks it looks more like a tote than a purse - which i guess they are all "totes", but i think the vertical looked more like a purse to her. Thanks for the input - the picture def. helped!

i'd take my mom to the boutique with me, but I know she wouldn't let me buy one for her. She also hates spending that much money so I think she avoids it by not going into the stores - i guess it decreases the temptation. haha! The store is only about 20 mins away from where I live so it's not that far. It's easily reached. there is actually a LV boutique and then a saks both around 20 mins in the same direction from me. :smile:


Oct 9, 2006
i personally like the BV alot better than the BH. I asked for the BV for xmas!!!

Good luck and I hope she loves it!!!


Mar 10, 2007
I LOVE the horizontal! I tried them all at the LV store and the horizontal felt the best by far. I bought it and loved it.


Jul 26, 2006
My sister and I both have the Horizontal and we LOVE it!

it was my sister's first LV and she tried every one in the store 4 times before she picked the Horizontal. She has had it a few months now and she adores it!

My other LV that I love is my popincourt haut. The style is great and the adjustable straps take it from day to night.
I think it is the perfect LV IMO.