Batignolles Verticle or Horizontal?

  1. My mom and I are going to LV this saturday and she is probably going to buy a bag. She like the Batignolles horizontal, but isnt sure. How do you TPF girls like it? She really wants a shoulder bag. Any sugestions other than the Batignolles? Preferably under $1,000, but if not, oh well... ;) Thanks in advance!

    -Berry Craig
  2. I love the BH! It is my favorite LV shoulder bag!!
  3. I have the BH and LOVE it!! I have absolutely no complaints about it. It holds a ton of stuff and is very comfortable to carry. Have fun shopping.
  4. We have three batignolles horizontals at our house (mine and two of my daughters have them). It's the very best LV shoulder bag in my opinion. I'm a mom and I love mine!
  5. I hv the BV and use it to work everyday!!! very versatile and holds heaps of stuff.
  6. i love the bh but ended up selling it because it didn't fit my body too well. it bumped into people and the strap was always falling off. sad to say..but i miss it dearly!
  7. I have the horizontal and LOVE it
  8. BH was my first LV. Still in a very good shape and use often for work. Great bag!
  9. I have a BV and I love it! It's a great everyday bag, and it holds a lot!
  10. I think the BH is a great shoulder bag!
  11. Thanks for all the speedy replies... :yes: I think she will most likely go with the BH... :yes:
  12. I have both.. and honestly, I love my BV so much more than the BH, I just feel it's a more comfortable fit under the arm.
  13. I have the Batignolles Horizontal and love it. :smile:
  14. Bv!
  15. BH, nice big bag!