Batignolles Vertical vs. Horizontal

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  1. Which do you prefer and why?

  2. i have the vertical but lately, i've been eyeing the horizontal also..
  3. I prefer and bought the horizontal. Things will stack up more in the vertical, I prefer my things the way they "fall" into the slightly bigger bottom on the horizontal.
  4. Definitely the vertical, I just don't like the way that the horizontal looks. But it's really a matter of personal preference, I believe someone posted a picture of their horizonal with a powerbook inside, and it just fit perfectly and looked sooo darling ! So I guess it would really also depend on what you want to do with it.
  5. I purchased the horizontal last month and i picked that one because of its width. I can store soooo much in the purse and the reason why i bought it was its good for everyday. I figured if i got the veritcal, i would be digging for days trying to find what i need. Plus the SA told me the horizontal looked better on me.;)
  6. ok well i purchased the vertical a few days ago and still haven't used it because i had such a hard time deciding between vert. and horizontal, that i'm not sure i made the right decision :wacko:

    on another note, can someone tell me HOW they know this bag is fake? i'm assuming it is because their BIN was i think $350! but i swear my bag looks JUST LIKE THIS (even the dustbag looks the same) and i purchased it at the LV store.
  7. umm, i'm totally undecided! i like them both... maybe you should go into the LV store and try the 2 on and see which one you like best :smile:
  8. I bought the Horizontal and really love doesnt gather dust like some of my other LV bags!
  9. Im leaning towards the vertical. I love the looks. As a matter of fact Im deciding right now between that and a Kooba. I did see a girl at the mall with the horizontal and a pic. swankymama poasted. They are really nice, but to me they look a little larger.
  10. because monogram bags don't come with care booklets...

    because LV doesn't come with authenticity cards...
  11. I like the Horizontal because it's easy to find things inside, and it seemed like it would be easier to get files and notebooks in and out of. I have not been disappointed in the least with this bag! I also get lots of compliments on it.
  12. Blackbutterfly-
    In response to your ebay item...the lining looks funny and the handles seem longer!
  13. you know what...i didn't even look at the bag! i clicked the link, read the bag description, and that answered the question for me...once you really get into lv and trying to distinguish fakes from real, keywords just pop we're talking about a mono batignolles, and instantly after i read care booklet, i knew it was fake. not to mention the whole authenticity card thing.
  14. This is making me want a Batignolle!! I love the PF
  15. you are right :shame: mine didn't come w/those either!

    you are right too. after going back and comparing, my handles are not that long!