Batignolles VERTICAL vs. Damier Speedy

  1. I want to buy a new LV when I’m visiting my parents in Munich next month… The thing is: I can’t decide. It’s either the Damier Speedy (not sure whether 25 or 30) or the Batignolles Vertical (thought of the Horizontal too, but it bothers me that both don’t have a zipper and the smaller opening of the BV is probably better in this case).

    Here’s what I have so far:
    Mono Hudson PM
    Mono Pochette Croissant
    Mono Speedy 30
    Damier Belem MM
    Damier Azur Speedy 25
    Denim Speedy in blue
    MC Alma (black)
    MC Lodge PM (white)
    Mini Mono Marie
    Epi Speedy 25 (mandarin) -> I don’t have it yet, it’s going to be my B’day present by my mom (Aaaaw, and it arrived today, she called me and said it's gorgeous, lol. :shame:smile:

    So I already have 4 Speedys – do I really need another one? On the other hand: I love Speedys and I rarely ever use my Belem although I really like Damier. I’d see myself using the Damier Speedy quite often... But I mostly have hand held LV’s and all my shoulder bags are pretty small. I could use the BV for university, too (although I wouldn’t do that very often, only on a few days where I have big courses where nobody would pay attention to it, kwim?).
    Argh, decisions, decisions. Which would you get? Pros + cons of both? Please keep in mind which bags I already have, so what would be the better buy?
  2. 1 Vote for a Damier Speedy
  3. Bv!
  4. I'd say both coz they both nice
  5. Batignolles Vertical...sounds like you need a little more versatility and it sounds most useful for you!
  6. This is my totally biased opinion, I say damier speedy 30. I have it and absolutely love, love it!! Decisions, decisions.....
  7. LoL, that would be an option.
  8. i vote speedy!!!! the damier is soooooo smart looking, v classy. i really wanted the BV but im a shortie and its too deep for me to be rummaging around in coz it would look like id lost an arm! besides i already loose things in my speedy never mind a bag i cant see into properly.
  9. hmm...When I read the title of your thread, my immediate thought was Damier Speedy! However, I see your point about not have large shoulder bags...and since you already have 4 speedys, you may want to go for the BV. But if you really do love the damier speedy alot more than the BV, get it :yes: . Its better to buy something you really adore
  10. I have the Damier Speedy 30 and know I'm thinking about the BV (also because the price sank here). If i had to choose between the two, i would pick the Damier Speedy. Simply because i prefer more Damier than Mono and i love my Damier Speedy so much. but in your case(due to your collection) it would be also nice to have a big bag which lies comfortably on your shoulder.sorry I'm no help:shame:
  11. I vote BV too. It will be able to do a different job than the others. I love the buckles on the sides, so cute.
  12. No, you are!
    I think I prefer Damier over Mono, too. I'll probably end up w/ both someday... but at the moment, I can only afford one.

    I also thought about getting rid off my Belem... and replace it w/ a Damier Speedy and get the BV. Would that be an option? So far, I used the Belem twice, I think. But it's such a pretty bag, though not very useful. :s
  13. I think that would be an option. If you don't use your Belem and a BV would be more useful for you, sell it. :yes: But think about it, you shouldn't regret it at the end.
  14. damier speedy!
  15. the BV...especially snce it just dropped over $100 in price!