Batignolles Vertical? PH? or Marais?


Which bag should I get for the next LV purchase?

  1. Batignolles Vertical

  2. Popincourt Haut

  3. Damier Marais

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  1. Batignolles Vertical
    Popincourt Haut
    Damier Marais

    I'm on a ban, but I'm thinking about which I should save up for...? I know I don't need many bags; I can only pick one. Each is great in its own way...I like the shape of the BV, but I like the zip top of PH. And I've always admired the Damier, esp. the Marais...gah!

    Also, I'm thinking about getting an Alma for my mother on her birthday (which is in March, and may delay getting my bag. Oh, well, gotta think about mommy :heart: ). Good choice?
  2. ^Also I just want to mention that my mom hates it when I spend a lot of money on her, so I'm trying to get a medium-sized bag...?
  3. out of those i like the BV best. and, yes i think the alma is a great bag for your mom, mine like it as well. :smile:
  4. I like BV and PH..I consider PH as medium size bag and BV is in "large" side..
  5. i like the Popincourt Haut the most out of the three. the Batignolles Vertical has a weird shape, and i'm not a fan of the bucket shape. the Popincourt Haut would be considered the medium-sized bag, but it can hold A LOT :yes:
  6. Thanks for the replies! I really do like PH, myself, but I wasn't quite sure how it compared to BV. Also, I wanted to start up a damier collection, but I guess it's losing...
  7. The BV has a bit more capacity, but it's also an open top bag. I do like it a lot though.. although my heart will always belong to my PH. It's got BALLS ! :yes:
  8. :heart: :heart: my BV. Holds alot, but doesn't look huge.
  9. Hee, thankfully, I have all the time in the world...:P
  10. I like the PH the best out of these,
    although BV is nice too and will probably hold more??:shrugs:
  11. damier marais.
  12. Okay, so I guess majority is PH?

    I can always get a damier accessory...;)
  13. if you want a zip-top bag, go with the popincourt haut. :yes:

    and i think the alma is a great gift for your mom! which one are you getting? i like epi and damier alma.
  14. Eek, sorry I didn't reply right away. I'm thinking about getting the regular monogram; my mom is really a stickler with the old designs (like myself :P ).
  15. i like ph the best out of the three.