Batignolles Vertical Owners-Please Help

  1. I've narrowed down my search for a big bag to use for work (and times when I need more space) to the Batignolles Vertical and a Kooba Lena. They are both different style bags, but I love both of them. Any way you BV owners could post pics with your bag on your shoulder so I can see how it fits? I've tried searching but only got alaska's recent acquisition of the bv. Thanks for your help.
  2. I must have one somewhere....let me try and find it :smile:
  3. Here ya go!!! I'm 5'5 and in these pics I was around 150 lbs (yikes these are old!)

  4. Thanks, Twiggers.
  5. Twiggers -- I love your groom on your bv!!
  6. Not me but hope this helps.
  7. Maybe these are a little better from me: I'm a mess today! and BTW- that's a Tarina Torintino(sp?) charm :yes:


  8. Thanks Mommy!!!