batignolles vertical or horizontal?

  1. hello everyone! am thinking of getting a new bag at the same time finding a good excuse why i should get one :amuse: so if and when i decide to buy one should i get the batignolles vertical or horizontal? let me know what you think please. thank you.
  2. I have the Vertical and it's one of my favorites. So easy to use - I dump everything in it and still looks good. It's definitely one of my best buys ever!
  3. Horizontal! ;) It's fab & fits everything & then some! IMO, it looks better worn on the shoulder too.
  4. I tried on both at the LV store, and I preferred the Horizontal because A) I just liked the shape more, and B) the wider top allowed for easier access to the contents. Both are lovely though, IMO.
  5. Horizontal vote right here.
  6. Horizontal. I just like the look of it better than the vertical, and for a work bag it's better for me...easier to get files and notebook in and out.
  7. i've got the vertical... i prefer the shape of it when it's on me... don't quite like the horizontal one coz it sticks out at my side a bit too much... =) besides, i don't like the feeling of having TOO easy acess to my bag (pickpockets) =/ although i do agree that it's a perk when u're shopping or need to answer a call. but then again... they're both not zippered, so... it's pretty easy anyways.
  8. I think it might depend on your body type... My friend is really thin--she's like a size 2-4. On her, the vertical looks great--she looks long and lean. The horizontal looked a little too "casual"--like she was just using a totebag. Whereas on me (size 14), the vertical looked too small and odd. The horizontal looked really good and sophisticated.
  9. Horizontal!
  10. I like the horizontal.
  11. thank you so much for all those who replied. would really appreciate it if you can also give a little input on why you prefer it than the other.
  12. I like the look of the Vertical better I think.
  13. I think I mentioned this in another thread, but I just purchased the Vertical. As soon as I receive it, I will post pics of me wearing it; maybe that will help.
  14. Horizontal.
    The horizontal has a bigger bottom, I prefer the way my things "fall" into it. It's harder for me to find things is a narrower more upright bag - things seem to stack up more in it.
  15. ita! i got the vertical because when i wore the horizontal it was twice the width of my body. vertical looked better because my body is very thin; horizontal looked like a diaper bag on me.

    you have to try them on to know which is right for you.