Batignolles - Vertical or Horizontal?

  1. I am debating which one - BV or BH.
  2. I personally like the BH more.
  3. I think the BH looks better and it probably fits more.
  4. I like BV more
  5. I like the BH better, seems a bit more user friendly than the BV.
  6. I have the BH. When I was bought it I was looking at photos on Elux and I liked the BV better on the computer but when I went into LV to try them both on, I did not care for the BV IRL. I bought the BH and I love it.
  7. BH seems a little more pragmatic.
  8. BH is LoVe! I don't ever want another bag......for now.
  9. vertical...
  10. BH... I like the shape of the BH over the BV
  11. BH! I literally just placed an order for one on :smile:
  12. Initially, I wanted the BV. But when I tried it on at the boutique, I end up buying BH. Why don't you try it out and see which one you like better.
  13. I prefer the BV.
  14. Love the BV!
  15. My vote is for the BH. That's the bag I want.