batignolles vertical or horizontal

  1. both bags are of the same price SGD$1300/-. which one doesnt look like an auntie ?
  2. i suggest u search for some threads... the batignolles are really popular here and i posted a poll awhile back.
  3. You should try them both on and see which suits you more. I prefer the Vertical on me :yes:
  4. I love my BH:heart: and it does not look like an auntie at all!!!!
  5. Try them both on! It all depends on which one looks better with your personal style and body type. :smile:
  6. Personally on me, I prefer the Vertical but I know many ladies on this board have the Horizontal and it looks awesome on them.
  7. I Believe It's Best To Try On....To See Which Feels Best
  8. I have the vertical and love it! The horizontal, to me, looks like it sticks out too much on the sides. The vertical makes you look taller.
  9. horizontal!!! So much prettier. :love:
  10. I'm in my 20s and I don't think my BH makes me look like an auntie. Love it!
  11. Everyone has their own preference..., mine is Horizontal!!:love:'ll know when you see them IRL which appeals to you more.

    Good Luck!! Let us know what you decide. I've had mine for what? 4 days...and I love it more and more each day!:heart: :yes: :heart: