Batignolles Vertical or Cabas Piano

  1. I have both the BV and CP and have been thinking that they are so similar in shape that one of them must go....I would love your opinions--which one do you think I should keep??
  2. Cabas Piano !! It's a classic, I love it :yes:
  3. The BV is hip and fresh!
  4. Keep the BV :love:
  5. Cabas piano is my favorite LV bag, so I'm going to have to vote Cabas :love:
  6. Keep the BV! :smile:
  7. Now that's a tough one :hrmm:
  8. I'd keep the Cabas Piano. Love this purse.
  9. I'd keep the BV, I'm not really a fan of the CP.
  10. Oh no!! I guess that means I have to keep them both!!
  11. That would be ideal ! :yes:
  12. Sounds like a great idea to me! :yes: :biggrin:
  13. :yes:

    If you do end up choosing one over the other, my vote is for the Batignolles!
  14. Keep both :yes: They both are lovely :love:
  15. I hated my Piano and sold it.

    The zipper needs to be unattached if ya know what I mean. Kinda like the Poppincourt. It just doesnt allow the bag to open enough to easily get in and out. I would always catch myself on the zipper.

    I loved the Poppincourt haute
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