1. im short petite, about 5"1

    what do you all suggest?
  2. hmmm. good question. i don't own one, so i couldn't tell you, but i think the horizontal looks better, in my opinion, just from seeing it on others.
  3. the horizontal :yes::heart::smile: on someone petite.
  4. I prefer the shape and rarity of the Vertical :yes:
  5. Horizontal and I'm 5'2
  6. horizontal. i felt that the vertical might "swallow" me. i am 5'1"
  7. Horizontal!!
  8. I love hori but my friend ( perhaps similiar with your "data" ) like vert and I see, she looks good in that vert :smile:
  9. I'm about the same size as you and on me... the Horizontal DEFINITELY looks better. I dont like the way the vertical looks on me at all! I'm actually considering purchasing teh BH ... or the saylea. Tough decision.
  10. defo the Horiz! im the same stats and it looks the best :smile: i thought the same of the Vert, it looked like i would just dissappear in it!
  11. my mom is 5'1" and she has the vert. and it looks like it swallows her up! lol. i would go with the horiz.
  12. bh.
    the bv looks weird on my 5'1 110 lb frame. just... odd.
  13. horizontal! love the horizontal, it looks good on practically all body frames
  14. I dont have either but i would get BV xx
  15. I had a BH, but sold it... it was too wide and too big for me... I really didn't carry much at all. It's a great bag for traveling, or if you carry a lot. I've never tried on the BV, so I'm not sure how it would look on me... I'm also on the petite side, btw.