Batignolles V question!

  1. Ok all you fashionistas...!!! :yahoo:here's what's happenin', i'm selling my balenciaga blueberry day because it's just too difficult to keep in the vancouver rainy weather:crybaby:(what's the point of keeping a bag when u're not comfortable usingit, right?), and i need a replacement! i've been eye-ing the BV for a loooooong time now, but i fear it's a bit too workhorsey, if u get what i mean? :confused1: it may look a bit too much like it's a office work tote. what i want is a shoulder bag, that's versatile, that won't look too yuppi-ish (i'm a uni student), CAN look funky, but CAN look preppy/casual too...
    another alternative could be the Coach Gallery tote, but i've never seen it IRL..:shrugs:
    I NEED ENABLING!!!!!!!! modeling pics with the BV/BH would be awesome...!
    TIA everyone!! :okay::flowers:
  2. i think im about the only membr here who doesnt like the BV. i dont like the regular batignolles either. maybe a selaya or a lockit would be better for your needs. the lockit looks so much more chic.
  3. Actually .. I'm in LOVE with all three sizes of the BATIGNOLLES bag!! I have the regular and the horizontal and im buying the vertical in a few days !!! I think u shud definitely go for it! It doesnt look like a "work" bag at all !! It's a bit casual, elegant, and chic all at the same time!! It's a great classic bag and I think u shud definitely check it out!
  4. Wonderful thread >
  5. I have both the BV & the BH. I'll see what I can do about modeling pics. ;)
  6. Since you say you are selling your balenciaga blueberry day because of rain. The BV has Vachetta to worry about plus it has an open top. I would HIGHLY recommend the Damier Saleya MM . It is a total worry free bag.

  7. If you are in a rainy place, then maybe you want to go with an epi or damier bag. The salayea is a great bag!!! Very cute!
  8. Go with the saleya!! Much nicer bag, IMO!
  9. i vote for the saleya, too!
  10. Having technical difficulties with my camera right now but here's a pic of the BH I from Sophia's eye candy thread on tpf. Hope that helps...
    Mono BH.jpg
  11. these are all in the VISUAL THREAD!

    BVanddamiersizereference.jpg lv12.jpg lvbv_3.jpg
  12. BH... Again all from the VISUAL THREAD!!!
    450387869_13fd434665.jpg BAG BATIGNOLLES.JPG Batignolles2.jpg Batignolles1004.jpg batignolles horizontal 001.jpg
  13. More BH... there arent many BV pic's

    Last one is a BV
    DSC00604.JPG img10012902336.jpg P60182.jpg mewithBV.jpg
  14. another just located BV
  15. another BV