Batignolles regular out on a date and a question

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  1. I had my hubby get me a preowned regular batignolles bag at the start of the month as an anniversary gift. It was quite a steal when i got it and in a very good condition. Im not much into handheld bag so this is my first time to use one far from my crossbody type of bags. Now is actually our anniversary so we're going out for a movie date and a visit to a public library. We havent done it for a year since we moved so i thought of this kind of date. When i bought this bag i pictured a dinner on a restaurant but i never considered to use it on a movie date instead. Im just excited to use it and see what it feels to carry a bag on my arms like how i see some people do with ther speedys. Oh just now i noticed that the monogram symbols on the bottom are not exactly aligned with the front. Is that ok if its not symmetrical? I notice old photos are all aligned but mine isnt. Other than that it was perfect. It was deemed authentic by one of the kind authenticators here so im not worried but i want input as well from you guys. Thanks in advance!
  2. happy anniversary to you and your DH. take your baby out and enjoy her. LV is too pretty to just let sit in the closet, it should be carry on all occasion...even to the movies and the library. (cute date idea btw). as for alignment, its hand made so expect to see imperfection. also, it not cut the same every time, therefore not two bag are the same. no one will see the bottom of your bag anyway. have fun with your new purse and your date with you DH.
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  4. Thanks guys! I did had fun with DH and bag.... I wonder if i could put a strap to it so i could carry it ober my shoulders hands free? Wont it ruin the hardware? Thanks