Batignolles Regular - dimensions incorrect?! Statement or fact?

  1. Hey ladies, I'm a proud owner of a new Batignolles Regular. Love her!

    But one thing that is bothering me is the fact that and elux both state what seem to be incorrect dimensions for this purse?

    She is "made in France" and I bought her at LV Valleyfair and don't question the authenticity... but isn't it strange that both the sites seem to be wrong?

    I measure:

    L 9.5"
    W 5.5"
    H 9"

    Vuitton measures:

    L 9.5"
    W 5.5"
    H 10.2"

    And I'm not sure what exactly elux says right now because the purse isn't currently in stock. But I swear that when I checked a few days ago, it also had 10-point-something for the height.

    Am I completely mad? My Batignolles is only about 9" tall.

    I've used several different rulers already, and my boyfriend is going to kill me if I don't stop scrutinizing this purse.

    Thnx in advance!
  2. I think these discrepancies in listed measurements occur, but I do not know why. Sometimes and ELux have slightly different measurements listed for the same bag.
  3. I looked up the listed measurements in the blue LV catalog and it states: 9.4" x 9" x 5.4" So yours is closer to that.
  4. a one inch difference is not a big deal imo, sometimes you'll see things with a 5+ inch difference, NOW you should do some research if you plan on buying online without seeing the bag in real life:yes:
  5. Colleen, you're a gem.

    And my boyfriend officially thanks you for putting my mind to ease!!

    Thanks again. I was just about to make another trip to LV just to see all the other Batignolles.

    ...and I mean ALL the other Batignolles....
  6. You're welcome! :smile: I would go a little nuts if I thought my dimensions were so far off. Did I get the right bag???..... Enjoy your fabulous bag!!
  7. oh my! that probably goes for stuff like the keepalls and stuff though..