Batignolles or Speedy Mini Lin

  1. Help me decide between the two. I already have a Damier Speedy 25.

    I'm very petite and I'm thinking the Batignolles (regular) would be perfect for me. But my husband likes the Speedy mini lin. I find the Speedy 30s big for me, but I admit I like the mini lin. It's more or less the same price.

    Your opinions would mean a lot. Thanks!
  2. i've never much liked the Batignolles, so i'd get the Mini Lin Speedy. it has no vachetta anyway, and it would be easier to take care of, especially if it's in Ebene
  3. If you're set on the speedy 25 size i'd go for the Batignolles. If you dont mind going bigger i'd do the mini lin. Like sandra said no worry bag. Also its light to carry.
    I have it and love it. :smile:
  4. Hard choice. I have a BH and 2 Mini Lin Speedy's I actually use them pretty equally.

  5. Definately the Mini Lin Speedy :yes:
  6. batignolles! i just ordered mine :yahoo:
  7. I love my regular batignolles, get that!
  8. i have the regular batignolles and the mini lin speedy in dune...i'd pick the batignolles, sometimes the mini lin speedy is too big for me! it is a 30...and a lot of times i just pick up my batignolles and run errands quickly ....btw, i bought the batignolles and the mini lin speedy in dune on the same day because i couldn't make a choice!
  9. Batignolles.
  10. Since you already have the damier speedy 25 and you prefer smaller bags, I think you should get the batignolles.
  11. batignolles!
  12. Batignolles! So cute and you don't see the regular size often!
  13. I just ordered a BH. It will be my first LV, but not my last!
  14. Vote for Speedy mini lin !!
  15. Mini lin Speedy!