Batignolles or Saleya PM??????


Batignolles Regular or Saleya PM

  1. Batignolles Regular

  2. Saleya PM

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  1. I'm in love and I can't stop! I don't know what it is about LV that has made me so obsessed...but hey, what can I say, I'm a slave to my passion! Anyway, I'm debating between the Batignolles Regular and the Saleya PM, probably in regular far I have a speedy 25 in damier, BV, mono speedy 25, and mini lin speedy 30. What to get next? I'm pretty small (5'1")...I think either would work, but I just can't decide!!!!!! If only I could get both! :push:
  2. Saleya pm.. I like the fact is has a zip :3
  3. I prefer the Saleya PM especially because of the zippered top. Oh --- and nothing wrong with going with your passion! lol Being addicted to LV does that to you!
  4. Saleya PM! You need another Damier bag, and since you already have the BV, I say Saleya. It's one of my favorites!
  5. Between the 2 I would go for the salayea! It is a great bag!
  6. usually i would vote for the batignolles but since ya already have the BV, i say go for the saleya! either way, ya get a great bag!
  7. Saleya PM - it's soo cute, has a zipper AND you can wear it as a shoulder bag if you're that small ! :yes:
  8. my vote is the Salaya, it just has a better shape IMO
  9. Batignolles Regular.
  10. Saleya! I have it in azur and love it.
  11. Saleya!!!!!! You already have a BV!!!!
  12. I have a Batignolles but I would say go for the saleya pm. it is more practical and better for every day bag. I sometimes wish I got that one instead of Popincourt Haut
  13. saleya pm looks great on a petite frame :smile:
  14. Saleya PM
  15. Saleya PM