Batignolles or Damier speedy

  1. Considering buying the monogram hand held batignolles or the damier speedy 30 as an everyday bag. Which one should I????? :confused1:
  2. The Speedy is more casual IMO but some days are like that!
    I would say the batignolles is one of my favorite bags for days when I try a little harder to dress up.
  3. I love LV Speedys .... so my vote goes towards the Damier Speedy :love:
  4. Agree that the damier speedy is more casual.
  5. Damier Speedy, but I've also been eyeing the reg. Batignolles. The Speedy'll fit more though!
  6. Damier speedy! Bat is very boring, IMO.
  7. I like the damier speedy because it has a zipper.
  8. You'll worry free when rain storm catch you if you carry Damier Speedy :p
  9. Right now Im into shoulder bags so my vote will be for the batignolles.
  10. Damier speedy gets my vote.
  11. Damier speedy....
  12. thanks all.... speedy it is.....
  13. Damier Speedy!
  14. Damier Speedyyyyyyyyy!!!
  15. Batignolles. :biggrin: