Batignolles or Cabas?


Feb 22, 2006
I JUST saw a petite girl carrying the Batignolles and it looked gorgeous. I have been debating between this and Cabas. I lean towards Cabas and had my mind made up till I saw the bag in person today! I almost wanted to stop the girl and ask to look inside lol!

Anyway what do you guys think? Is the Batignolles the same size as Cabas?
I'd go for the Cabas. I don't know why, but I like it better. Part of the reason is that it zips at the top (unlike the B, which is open). But, you would have to worry about the vachetta bottom on the Cabas.
I have both and prefer the Batignolles. The Cabas' handles are slightly shorter and the bag is smaller. That's why it probably sits in the back of the closet. The Batignolles is great when you want to reach in and grab something and again the handles are the perfect length!:P
I like the batignolles' shape more than that of the cabas, I think it's a little more up to date. This isn't to say that the Cabas is an old sack, it's a very classic shape and it looks gorgeous on Angelina who constantly carries her mezzo !
normally id say cabas,,, except that its really easy to dirty up the bottom of it, as its all leather down there. thats the only reason id consider something else cause i do love the cabas.
I like the Batignolles. Although I've owned a Cabas in the past and loved it, I agree that the vachetta on the bottom can get stained really easily.
I have the Cabas Piano and I am also thinking about getting the BH. I like the bottom better...and it looks like it would hold more. I love my cabas but I worry so much about the bottom. The leather is sooo easily soiled.
Let us know what you decide and post pictures
I wanted the cabas because Ms. Jolie has it and my friend has it and loves it. But the leather on the bottom freaks me out and like you said can get easily stained. Too bad it didn't have little feet or something!

How much bigger is the Batignolles than Cabas?
Oh shoot I'm shorter than you lol! Hmm, did you try the Cabas, does that fit right? I'm thinking the vertical might be too long for me. And your post kind of confirms that :sad2: Sometimes I hate my shortness!

ranskimmie said:
I bought the batignolles vertical, I absolutely love the bag itself. I am 5 ft. 2 and after I brought it home, I just didnt like how it looked on me :sad: So I returned it. Poo Poo.
you know they have the Batignolles horizontal also. You might like the shape of that bag on yourself better. I know there are several girls on this forum with them. For me it was a little large too.
I'm 5'2" and a proud new{er} owner of a Batignolles! I tried the vertical and horizontal and the H looked and felt much better. Also, I prefer the way my things fill out the bag better than they would in a thinner/taller bag.