Batignolles -> it´s cheaper now!!!

  1. I noticed that the prices of batignolles bags are now those bags now out of production??

    I got my bh today 495e..
    not bad :smile:

    just waiting to get it to me!!:heart:
  2. I keep looking for a used one at a good price...what IS a good price for a used BH???

    congrats on yours!!! Can't wait to see pics!!
  3. i put pics as soon as i get the bag..which is some day next week...
  4. yes the BV and BH are now 75 euro cheaper how comes?
  5. $815 USD on eluxury....I think that's what it's always been?
  6. on (france) they are cheaper now:shrugs:
  7. Yea, I paid $815.00 for my BH -I almost freaked when I saw it listed for what - 495 - the e must represent euros....yikes, i wonder what that calculates in the US!!!
  8. 495e is roughly $648.45 USD. My sisters just came back Sunday and the exchange rate was about 1e = $1.31
  9. Ah, but I think they're just puting the extra $ into the Bat. Dentelle - that's what I'm waiting for.
  10. Really??? I have the BV on my list... maybe next month? Hopefully they are still at this price when I'm in Munich... :nuts:
  11. time for a trip to france to collect lv bags.
  12. On UK LV site BH and BV are now £350. Were £405
  13. Yeah that's very curious !!!
  14. I´m so lucky that i got the purse today instead of last week...
    i just wonder what is the explanation to the change...

    but good for me :smile:
  15. yes:yes: i have the BV on my list, too. so the price for the BV in France is 475 and here in Germany 495 :yahoo: