Batignolles...I love you

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  1. Went to the LV store last night and exchanged the popincourt haut for the batignolles horizontal...Can you say L O V E? :love: I knew it was a keeper when the first thing I thought upon waking up was "What am I going to wear with my bag today??"

    The batignolles matches me and my overall style so much better..:biggrin: I guess that teaches me a lesson that even though another bag may be beautiful in its own right...its whats sassy and comfortable to ME that matters! :idea:
  2. Oh and I will post pix once my bf gets home so he can take 'em for me :smile:
  3. Congrats! I love mine too :biggrin: Great everyday bag!
  4. I hear ya on that! :biggrin: I'm lovin my Batignolles Vertical to pieces :love::love::love:
  5. yay!! I'm glad you got a bag you love!!
  6. Congrats! can't wait to see pix of your new baby!
  7. It's too bad that the popincourt haut didn't work out for you, but the batignolles is equally beautiful !
  8. Welcome to the club! :biggrin:

    My Batignolles Horizontal was my first LV bag, and it's the one I'm loving the best. It's a perfect size if I have to toss in an notebook and files for meetings outside the office. It sits very comfortably on the shoulder, and isn't bulky at all. And I LOVE the shape. :love: :love: I think this is a fairly new style of LV, but I think it's going to become one of their classics.
  9. Can you post picture..
    Im thinking to get one soon... I really like this Batignolles Vertical..ANYONE HERE OWN THIS BAG? me some picture
  10. Great Bag and lesson on your personal style! Congrats!!
  11. Oh, now I'm really gettingsome buyer's remorse! I chose a Gucci over that one about 2 weeks ago and it's all I've thought about ever since: -(
    LOVE that bag!!!
  12. You made a wise choice w/ what you disclosed to us about your personality and style. I love both bags equally although I do not own either one of them. But looking at them and adoring both, I can see why you chose the Horizontal. May you have many eventful days enjoying your new love!:love:
  13. I'm glad you're happy with it!! I love both bags ;)
  14. Congrats on your bag!! I own that purse also and absolutely love it. I also have two cousins and a friend that owns one. A very popular bag I must say.
  15. Ack! can anyone tell me how to shrink my pix? I took some of my new bag, but they are too large to upload...

    Just wanted to share the batignolles with ya'll :smile: