Batignolles Horizontal

  1. So I haven't even received my Speedy yet and I'm already thinking about another bag.

    The Batignolles Horizontal is the only other one that I really really want right now.

    Those of you who have it you find it comfortable on your shoulder? Does it hold a lot?
  2. It fits everything and it's totally a shoulder bag.
    Have you done a search? There's TONS of photos of us wearing them!
  3. yes it can hold A LOT, and i find it very comfortable on the shoulder. it's a great bag, especially for everyday use like work/school. here's how it looks on the shoulder and in my hand :flowers:
    batignolles horizontal 001.jpg batignolles horizontal 002.jpg batignolles horizontal 003.jpg
  4. ok, now yeuxhonnetes you are ::REALLY:: making me want the BH in a baaaaaad way... :yes: i saw it on you in these pics last night by accident looking at another post & fell in serious :heart: with this bag! i just got a speedy 30 but think i "need" this one too.... :noggin: knock some sense into me LOL....

  5. ok :noggin: :roflmfao:

    but really, don't fight it :lol:
  6. I love my BH! Holds lots of stuff, and very easy to carry!
  7. Kimm992, i just got my speedy 30 a few weeks ago & now REALLY want this one too! fell in :heart: :love: :heart: HARD! i say GET if you do i won't feel so bad if i get one too, this is the only other one i really really want too :yes:
  8. Its hands down my most used LV. I have about 10 LVs and this one is the most comfortable, the most usable. It sits comfortably on the shoulder and is amazingly lightweight. I would even dare to say featherweight! :smile:
  9. question! would this be a recommendation for a college tote?
  10. The BH is AWESOME!:yes: Stylish, pretty, feminine, comfortable, functional (a must for me), roomy, unique/different, I can't say enough about it....I :heart: mine!!
    Can you tell?!? LOL!:lol:

    Good Luck!;)
  11. Yes and Yes! :yes: This is one of the most practical (and attractive) bags I own.
  12. Absolutely!!!
  13. The BH is one of the best LV bags. Definitely one of my favorites!
  14. Aack!!! You ladies aren't doing much for my self control!!! :biggrin:

    This bag looks so nice!!! It's practical and comfortable.....oh man.....
  15. like i keep telling some of the other ladies, don't fight it :lol::lol: