Batignolles Horizontal

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  1. Hi Ladies!!

    So big question...i am a speedy type a girl i have the mono speedy 25 the damier speedy 25 and also the manhattan pm but i seem to really like the batignolles horizontal!! my mom has the batignolles and i love it!! I dont really have any BIG bags so i was thinking this would be perfect for work and i also have classes for work too!

    I am 5'3 122 lbs, does anybody have pictures with there bag so i can see how it looks on me!! I want to order it b4 i go on vacay tomorrow so i can have it in time for my license class!! HELPPP
  2. i'm 5'4" and weigh almost the same as you do, so here are pictures of mine :flowers::
    batignolles horizontal 001.jpg batignolles horizontal 002.jpg batignolles horizontal 003.jpg
  3. I'm 5'2" and find this bag to be perfect for a work bag. It's not too big at all.
  4. do you like the cabas mezzo as well, its a big bag but not tooo big. i have it and i'm 5'4.
  5. wow! i think u just sold the idea of buying it to me!!! haha it looks great on u!
  6. thanks :biggrin:!

    and YAY for getting the bag!
  7. I'm even smaller, at 5'0 and 108 but I really like mine. I have pictures.. somewhere. :shame:
  8. I'm pretty much your exact size, here's mine o me:
    {sorry, not a FAB photo! LOL!}
  9. you guys are awesome!! i think im going to order it when i get home from work!!! i never thought id get a shoulder bag! do u guys use it for everyday use work or not?
  10. hmmm the cabas mezzo i like but it sorta reminds me of angelina jolie and im not fond of her hahahaha
  11. I've got one and love it. I'm 5'2". Get it!!!
  12. I've got the Batingolles Horizontal, and its really not that big. I'd call it more medium. But its the perfect size, so convenient to get in and out of. Its among my most-used everyday bags for work, commuting, shopping. (Oh, and I'm 5'4'')

    When I've got my regular "stuff" in it--wallet, makeup case, small planner, small umbrella, sunglasses, cell phone, keys--a magazine just fits, if that helps you determine the size.
  13. You girls look great! Thanks for making me fall in love with yet ANOTHER bag :love:
  14. I don't have one, but I do agree that it is a beautiful bag...good luck with your decision!