Batignolles Horizontal

  1. So I have decided I want to buy the BH for my summer-gift-to-me bag :smile:

    SOOO... I have questions... is there anything bad about the bag? any downsides?

    Thanks guys!
  2. I have this bag and love, love, love it! I can't think of one thing that I don't like about it.
  3. I lvoe the bag- don't have one, but will get one soon. It looks so comfy and easy to use!
  4. Love mine, but downsides are
    1. It does not have a zipper closure
    2. With my winter coat on does not fit on my shoulder (needed the straps another 1-11/2 inches longer)
    still love it though
  5. Thanks guys... now how thick are the straps exactly? (side to side)

    Just want to make sure it isn't too thin for a guy
  6. Personally, I don't love mine.. I have had it for almost 2 years, and I've used it maybe once. I just don't find it sits that nicely on the body. I have a BV that I adore and use all the time though !
  7. I just love mine! The open top is not always ideal, so I don't take it when traveling. However, the top does sit nicely under your arm and squishes closed. It's just a fabulous work bag!!
  8. I've had my BH for exactly a year last week and I LVOE it! At first I was skeptical because there was no zip closure but after I bought it, I never give any attention to the closure. It's a GREAT bag for work, travel, and everyday!
  9. I have it, and I actually grew to love it. However, you will have a hard time fitting it over your shoulder if you are wearing a heavy sweater and coat ... but it sounds like you'll be wearing it in spring/summer so that won't be a problem!
  10. i know so many women here love the bag here......

    but i have to say it's not my favorite...(sorry guys...!) i bought one and couldn't really love it and returned it right away......then re-bought it when the price was the highest.....of course the price went down by - like $100?! - so i was pretty upset about that! LOL

    one of the straps almost always falls down and i keep have to pushing it up....and no zipper, you have no idea how many times i hit the break and things flew out of it to the floor of my car on the passenger seat (slow down woman!! lol)...... i NEED zipper!! =D

    and it is sooooooo popular!!!
    i like manhattan GM or LH better! =)
  11. Hey what's up...
    I really don't like the shape of the Batignolles! Sorry guys..
    I would prefer a lockit...and since you thought of getting an alma, a lockit vertical would be tdf on you! It's much bigger that the usual lockit!
    Lockit horizontal is good and big as well and can be worn on the shoulder but I love the look of the vertical on you..
    Good luck

    P.S still waiting...:whistle:
  12. :roflmfao:

    I would LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE a lockit vertical! However, I am trying to keep my purchase UNDER $800... GAH! lol are there other bags you think would look good?

    and don't worry pics before the end of the week!
  13. no zipper, I would be worried in a crowd.
  14. trying to keep your purchase under 800!!! bad influence isn't it? Am I right? hahahahaha
    Well let me think Noe would be good! one of my favorites...
    Anyway I can't think right now but besides noe, Lockit is the best...
    Go on and try it at the'll love it!
    And anyway how much is it in U.S...??? I'm thinking in euros sorry!
    Good luck..hope I helped...

    P.S still waiting..:whistle: ok I stop it lol
  15. noe is like 900 something and the lockit v is 1000 ouch