Batignolles Horizontal

  1. Or the Mulberry Roxanne in Oak?

    And should this be on the regular purse forum? :hrmm:

    I have the Roxanne, but have never used it. I don't know why, I like the bag but you know how that goes. :yes:

    I'm thinking about selling it for the BH. When I SO'd the Damier Cabas Mezzo, I tried on the BH, and really liked it.

    Whatcha think?
  2. Bjara,

    I've got a Roxanne too, but I rarely use it. It's just so heavy, and then all the straps and such to have to fool with. I got a BH about a month ago, and after carrying that easy-to-use bag, I can't see ever going back to the Roxanne. I'd say go for the BH! A lot of us have them and love them:love: .
  3. BH, BH, BH!

    Timeless and very functional!
  4. I'm hyperventilating. :nuts:

    Nuff said.
  5. I'm thinking so too. :love:
  6. BH, Okay I'm biased, but still! It's a seriously functional bag.
  7. I vote for the BH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: I've had mine for almost a wk. (a wk. this Fri.). I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
    Very functional, easy to get into, comfortable, stylish, classic, and roomy!!!!!:biggrin:
  8. Bh !!!
  9. i love my BH!!! go for it.
  10. Bh!
  11. Well, have to jump on the BH cheerleading bandwagon here. I bought one last fall and still seriously :heart: :heart: :heart: it! It's a classy and very functional bag.
  12. I think Roxanne won't be "IN" for as long as BH.:idea: LVs (esp. mono pieces) just seem to have better staying power. JMO.:flowers:
  13. Totally agree !
  14. BH for sureeeee...Bjara, are you going to the SoCal purse forum meet up?? :yahoo:I will be there, with my BH so you can see if you'd like :flowers:
  15. BH - I love mine!