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  1. I really like the BH but i ussualy don't take much stuff with me. I ussualy take this with me: wallet, lipgloss, mirror, phone, sigarets, bottle of water, a comb and my dirvers licence... i might gave forgotten something.
    I don't like the other lv bags as much as this one so this is the only option. Doe anybody have pictures with little stuff in their bags? Or does anybody wear this with little stuff in it, how is it?

  2. i was also wondering if anybody has pictures of it with a pursket in it?
  3. I hook the pochette into it and throw my little stuff in there.
    My phone goes in the cell phone pocket.
  4. Here's a link to a thread w/ pics of the inside.

    (scroll down a bit)

    These pics helped me out alot when I bought mine just a few days ago. I was scared the bag would be too big. But it's a nice size, roomy (not too overwhelming at all). I noticed I can take alot of things...or just leave some other things behind and it's still stays partly filled yet with extra room but not empty looking.:biggrin:

    This is what I carry in mine: sm. wallet (LV Ludlow), Pochette accessoires, ckbk., LV sm. agenda, sm. brush, hairclip, ph (in cell pocket), magazine (laying across), knitting ball of yarn.

    I can easily leave behind the magazine, knitting ball, hairclip, brush...and just carry my wallet, ckbk, agenda, pochette and it's fine.:smile:

    Here are some more links re: BH. I read all of them when I was deciding. Helped alot. I am THRILLED with my BH!:yes: I was scared of size too. Didn't want my things drowning in it. When I saw it IRL...I looked at it, tried it on, that was it...I knew.

    There's comparison pics on this thread w/the piano, and mezzo to get an idea of size.

    Here's a link to site w/ inside pics too...

    More pics..

    Besides all the pics all the posts are helpful to read as well.

    Btw, the bottom (at the base/across) measures 15.3", but at the top opening it's about 12 1/2".

    HTH! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know what you decide!:biggrin:
  5. thanks! I have all these pictures but still i can't decide! It seems like no bag has it all. before you bought the bh between wich bags were you stuck? And to what size does the bh compare when in comes to the space inside. Thanks!
  6. Well, I was thinking of maybe the BV, Pop Haut, and piano. I then eliminated the piano cuz of the bottom and it being too small for me it's basically the same size of my ellipse pm but in square shape. I had tried on the piano the last time I had went to LV and it was nice...but again..too small for me. The pop h. I wasn't too sure about the extended zipper fold thing that hangs over the side. Kinda bugged me. So then it was either BV, or BH. From there I liked the look of the BH better.

    So I went to LV with the intent to buy the BH, just had to try it on to make sure I liked how it looked on, and of course the main reason if it was TOO big. Which I was pleasantly surprised to find it perfect size. Bigger than the piano but not HUGE. Once I seen it IRL, I knew instantly I liked it. Then tried it on, that worked. Looked inside, perfect.:biggrin: (I didn't even look at the BV, Piano, or Pop H. when I bought the BH). I just looked at the BH and that was it.:yes: I also loved the look of the BH...a lil bit more stylish than the piano IMO.

    Good Luck!