Batignolles Horizontal--what is the strap drop?

  1. I'm eyeing this bag, but if it has the same short-strap problem of the Cabas Piano, it won't work for me.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. The BH definately has a longer strap drop than the Piano. I sold my Piano, but that's definately something that I wished it had - a longer strap drop. The BH is very comfortable on the shoulder and can be swung around onto your back when you need to wash your hands and don't want the BH to hit the bathroom counter.

    Go for the BH!!! Or, perhaps wait to see the Hampstead. The Hampstead MM and GM versions will have ADJUSTABLE straps and the Hampstead is similar in style to the BH. I'm planning to buy it next month when it comes out but want to see the difference between the medium and large versions of the Hampstead.
  3. Hampstead?
    i've never seen it before :S
  4. Thanks so much for the info! It broke my heart to send the Piano back because it was a good size, but the straps just weren't comfy.

    Hampstead huh? Sounds interesting! Thanks for that info as well!

  5. BH's strap is on the long side, however it's pretty wide, so it's hard to use for pp like me w/narrow shoulder. Saleya's rolled handle stays on much better :yes: