Batignolles Horizontal Vs. Tivoli GM

  1. I am interested in purchasing one of these bags. I really need an everyday bag that can be worn on the shoulder. Does anyone have any opinions on which one to purchase since this will be my first LV bag. I usually buy coach but really need a "classic" bag to dress up or down. Thanks for your help. I love TPF!!
  2. Bh!!
  3. I need one too and I'm considering the bh
  4. BH is super cute and functional!
  5. Tivoli GM!!! It has a great shape, innovative new design from the House of Vuitton and not everyone has it.
  6. I say Tivoli. Why?

    1. IMHO, it has a classic look you can dress up and down.
    2. The zipper closure makes it a whole lot safer than the BH.
    3. I own a Coach Hamptons and the Tivoli totally reminds me of the functuality of a Hampton.

  7. OMG that is soo hard to choose.
    I have both handbags. Think the BH is more casual than the tivoli. I do like that the tivoli has a zipper
    I would go to the boutique and try them both on and see which one you personally fall in love with more. They are like my 2 children impossible to choose one over the other..KWIM
  8. Ladies, you are all sooo helpful! Thank you so much for your input...
  9. I say Tivoli, I have one and get so many compliments on it more than any of my other bags. I love that it has a zipper!
  10. TIVOLI or the BV........not a fan of BH ;)
  11. The BH is an awesome tote with less vachetta to worry about since it will be your everyday bag.. however the Tivoli GM is a gorgeous design...
    Sorry, no help here...
  12. BH, I have one and love it. Its very functional, thought it is casual and dont have a zipper
  13. Though I own BH and love her, I vote for Tivoli!!
  14. Tivoli, BH is a nice bag but I perfer bags with a zipped top.
  15. tivoli :love::love: