batignolles horizontal vs. neverfull MM.... pros and cons of both?

  1. ok so i'm trying to decide between the batignolles horizontal or neverfull MM. the bh is on my wishlist as you see but i also like the slouchiness and the ability to endlessly fill the neverfull.

    i usually carry typical things... make up bag, camera, cell phone, wallet, sunnies...

    sometimes when i go to my bf or friends house i take my laptop with me so i'd like that to fit in there (it's small a little smaller than peice of paper lil less than 3lbs.) so i'd like a laptop to fit in there.

    wat are the pros and cons of each of these bags? will the skinny neverfull straps dig? let me know what you guys think! thanks!!! :yes:
  2. Oh this is a good thread...I'm giving her a little bump!!!!
  3. I have the BH and it's really a very practical an nice bag. More structured then the Neverfull and it holds the shape better then the Neverfull. I don't like the NF. I have had a look at it yesterday at the store, and I was a little shocked: for me the processing of the NF looks cheap and I would never buy one. That bag is too expensive!! I love the BH, it's really a good proportion between price and product.:tup:
  4. I agree with atlantique. The quality of the BH is superior to the Neverfull. The Neverfull is overpriced IMO and the BH is a better value.
  5. I have a BH and it is a great bag. I am hopefully going to get a neverfull Damier for rainy days. The Bh gets my vote though.
  6. Although I absolutely adore:tender: the Neverfull:heart:, BH shoulder straps may be more comfy since you're planning to carry a laptop among other things.:smile:
  7. We have four batignolles horizontals at our house. I have one and all three of my daughters each have one. It is a FANTASTIC bag and IMO much nicer than the neverful. I just don't like the thin straps. They did into your shoulder if you carry a lot. Also, I think the BH looks richer and more expensive because it has more leather. It's a great bag!
  8. See and now that's it a few hours later and I just got back from the LV store, I'm going to put in TODAY'S 2 cents.....
    I have the NF MM that I just bought....but was having some doubts - I went back and tried on the BH....
    Don't get me wrong, the BH is a GREAT bag - it's very well made, I love the little cell phone pocket - it's a nice nice bag......BUT.....for ME personally, the way that I dress (VERY casually - flip flops, jeans, etc.) the BH did not look quite as good on me as the NF!!!! I was really really surprised! And I had 3 other people even comparing with me including 2 SAs....and it was 'they are both nice in different ways, but for you, we prefer the NF." I also found that BECAUSE the straps were thinner on the NF, they stayed on better (can you believe it??) and the thicker or wider straps of the BH - the outside one just kept going 'ponk'...'ponk' - I could see where this was was the exact reason why I sold my Monty GM - those dangblammit straps that kept coming off....
    I really is a hard call. Such such different looks IMO. Yes, the BH is a little pricer due to the fact of those side leather belts and there's also a little bit of piping just like the Speedy, going around the bag body - but I don't think that the price of the NF is that outrageous (c'mon - it's an LV...nothing is cheap! We're paying $300 for a makeup bag for heaven's sakes girls!! :graucho:). Frankly, the NF MM has more 'lv' material than the BH, I THINK!!! :shrugs: But I digress.....
    I think that anyone contemplating this bag if they can, really should try them both on. It's a tough call. They both looked really cute and if I had walked out with either one today, you would have looked at me and gone 'oh that's cute!' - but for whatever reason, that NF was hot. It's got more of a bohemian, beachy feel to it, yes it's true - but I live in So Cal (:heart:) so that's my life here, so it suits me fine. I couldn't see walking around with this bag in the snow though - but then again, I've never seen snow fall, so there you go.
    Hopefully this doesn't confuse more.....:sweatdrop:
  9. You won't regret getting the Neverfull!:tup: It's been one of my favorite bags since I got her in August!:heart:
  10. I can't imagine never having seen a snowfall!!! You've missed out on one of the most beautiful sights in the world! Damier was made for winter weather!!! lol
  11. I was in same contemplative situation a year back...I got the BH and couldn't have been happier. it's sturdier and the straps are wider that it does not dig in your shoulders. It can also fit my macbook along with other papers without looking stuffed and deformed. I also have the NF in the PM size and though I love it, I must admit it can become uncomfortable as even this size can dig in the such, i just use my NF when i am only bringing few stuff like wallet and a compact powder...I guess i the end you must choose according to your purpose...;)
  12. sigh... decisions decisions.... thanks jchiara for bumping this thread i was beginning to think i was being ignored *tear*. and thanks ladies for all the input very helpful to hear from both sides of the fence. the closest LV store is so far but i might have to go and try them like some of the girlies are saying. thanks and i'll you guys posted!
  13. Well I ain't dead yet! :graucho:
  14. I contemplated this very choice between these two bags and after looking them both over side by side, I chose the BH. I prefer the structured feel to the BH. I really feel that's a lot of what it comes down too between these two bags in particular. If you like the unstructured feel -- then go with the NF, if you want a tote w/ more structure -- and a cell phone pocket, I might add -- then go for the BH. They're both cute LV's.
  15. I know everyone has different viewpoints, so my suggestion is to bring all the the things that you would normally carry and try them out w/the two bags (cell phone, makeup, laptop, agenda, etc.). Once you actually compare them side by side, you'll know which one makes your heart skip a beat or two. :shrugs:

    I personally think that BH & BV are very adorable bags, but when I tried them on in the store, it just didn't do it for me. I went with NF MM bc I love the feel of the bag on me. I guess it could be bc it's not as structured as BH. I almost went w/BV, but somehow I was drawn to NF MM. I love that the bag is very versatile. :love: I use it as my purse one day and my overnight bag the next. I love her dearly. I feel like I made the right decision. BTW, it helps to actually try out both bags with all my lil essentials prior to purchasing it. I'm glad I did that (my wonderful SA should get all the credit for even suggesting it). :yes: