Batignolles Horizontal...the most practical Vuitton bag???

  1. Howdy all!!!:wlae:

    I'm thinking of nabbing myself a BH and have heard nothing but good things about it...

    I'm generally a small-bag kinda gal but this one doesn't seem too big at all...

    Do you think it's the most practical bag LV make???
    If not, which one would you prefer?

  2. I think between the BH and the Cabas Mezzo, I definitely use those the most, for the longest periods of time. The others, I just match to my outfits on days when I don't need a lot of stuff.
    I loved the BH the SECOND it came out and it ended up being one of my Christmas presents last year :biggrin:
  3. It's good because you can control how big you want it to get, and the fact that it's a canvas bottom means you don't have to worry so much about where you put it!
  4. My Mom got this bag today. She was originally looking at the Popincourt Haut, but both the SA and I agreed that this one would be better suited to her. It's roughly the same size as the Coach Hamptons Satchel she has been carrying for awhile now, and she lamented the fact that it did not have a zipper which the Coach does, and I told her, "When do you zip up the Coach?" LOL. She agreed. We also liked that the BH has a cell phone pocket.
  5. I currently use the BH a my work bag. The only thing that I don't like about the bag is the "clip" closure. I much prefer a zip as I tend to swing the bag of my shoulder and I'm getting a bit paranoid that something may fall out and I wouldn't notice.

    I'm getting a PH to see how I go with that, just purely because I want a zip.
  6. i luv the damier chelsea. iTS very roomy and i luv the dark brown bottom-NO WORRIES RAIN OR SHINE!
    I bought it for an everyday tote for my magazines, mail, lunch and other purse things, makeup, wallet, cell phone brush and daily prayerbook.
    I can't wait to use it when I go to VegaS later this year-i'M GOING TO A CONFERENCE, SO i CAN USE FOR PAPERS AS WELL AS MY BAG.
  7. I'm usually a small bag kinda girl too, but when the bh came out I had to have it, it's soooooo functional. I've used it as an everyday purse and expanded as a carry on.....I think it's a great bag!
  8. That's my thing too, even when I have a zip bag I tend not to zip it for some reason, and then getting in and out of them, I always scratch my jewelery/watch, etc. on the zippers...... the clip actually does help, and I just make a point to put tiny things in makeup cases and stuff....
  9. I dont like the clip closure. It hurt my finger opening and closing it and I didnt like the jingle it made either. I'd say the Popincourt Haut with the zipped closure is more practical.
  10. I personally like the Poppincout Haut better, but if you're looking in this style range, I *really* like the Lockit Horizontal... it's go the zip top, roomy design, and I'm a socker for the little lock at the end.
  11. The BH is the most practical for *me* by far.

    Unless you fill it to the very top and then put tiny loose items at the top, NOTHING will fall out.
    I s;ing that bag up on my shoulder and behind my arm all the time. . . there's just no way. The top naturally falls into a closed position for me and I never use the clip inside.
    Also, even when it slides off my front seat onto the floor, nothing falls out! :smile:
  12. I like the Cabas better visually. I have yet to compare them on a person (how it looks, how much it carries, etc).
  13. yep, agree, I've had no problems either....and I think the bag is quite comfortable too!
  14. I must say, I tried the BH at the store, but I didn't like the way it looked on me (5'5" 140) and I really wanted a bag that zipped. I got the popincourt haut, which I've had since... Feb(?) and I absolutely love it. I can even fit a toy poodle in it WITH all of my junk in it.
  15. I have and love the BH. If I could change one thing about it, I would add a zipper across the top. Other than that it is a great bag. I figure, it will just give me a reason to buy more smaller LV accessories to hold all of my things and just pop it all into the BH. LOL