batignolles horizontal sag

  1. hi guys! i hav a prb with my BH and was hoping i can find some help here pls! thks in advance!

    as posted earlier, i got my bh avbt 3 weeks ago, and am absolutely enjoying it! however, i realised that the bottom of my bh does sag (althought it cant be seen when viewed fr normally, but its very obvious when i see it fr an oblique view fr the bottom) with my stuff in it.

    i tried searching previous threads, and almost everyone says it doesnt sag. does this mean my bag is faulty??
    must i return to lv and get a new one?? i dont really wish to as my handles have just started to patina very very nicely, so am hoping to get some reassurance here fr the experts pls!

    thank you!
  2. There really isn't much sag at all, if it bothers you, put a long piece of cardboard on the bottom or a magazine to straighten it out.
  3. In the FAQ section there is a lot of discussion about how to eliminate the sag on a speedy. You could probably use some of those suggestions to eliminate the sag in your BH!
  4. hi lvbabydoll! thks. for ur reply!

    it didnt really bother me, but as i was going to use it as a laptop bag as well, with the sag, do i risk saggin it even more, or even potentially tearing the whole bag??

    thks. again!
  5. thks. cinderella! sorry i posted my reply just after you replied.
    i tried the sppedy too, and admitedly the sag for the speedy is much worse.
    i am just worried abt the wgt of my laptop with the bh sag:confused1:
  6. I don't think the BH's were designed to carry heavier items such as laptops. JMHO.

    I agree with the idea to use cardboard or other ideas that you can do with Speedys to prevent sagging. If you really want to use a BH for a laptop you could try even a thin piece of plywood and top it with some cushion type of material and then cloth so your laptop won't smack up against the plywood. OK that may sound too silly but just a ramble :upsidedown:...
  7. hmm..thks. Pursegrrl=) SA told me i could use it for a laptop as i specifically mentioned tt i wanted one to hold a laptop., and tt the manhattan gm was too heavy
    but i love the bh too much to return it!

    but is the sag i mentioned norm? must i return it for a new one? because i searched all the threads on batignolles, and practically everyone said there is no sag watsoever.

  8. ^^ yeah that idea was a little out there but oh well...
    I know, I love my BH to death! I don't have any sag but Im' not one to really overstuff my bags or use it for a laptop...I guess it just depends on how heavy and thick your laptop is!

    Maybe even a couple t-shirts on the bottom could cushion your laptop and prevent any sag.

    Good luck!!
  9. :smile:thank you!!

    i might just pop in to ask the sa coz all i have usually are two books, my wallet, and an umbrella and it still sags!

    but thks. still!
  10. I have never noticed mine sagging
  11. The bh would handle a laptop just fine--it may cause some sag in the bottom, but certainly wouldn't break.

    Even with your current stuff (specifically, the books), I think that some sag is normal. The only time you wouldn't get that is with a hard bottomed bag like the alma.
  12. my bh doesn't sag that way. or if it does, i probably don't notice it. if it bothers you, try to get a more structured bag that won't sag even when you put heavy things in it.
  13. I've never noticed mine sagging at all. But I don't ever carry a laptop in it or really anything too heavy. If it bothers you, you may need to buy a different bag. Not sure if you can return it since you've used it. I don't think it's a defective bag, but maybe your stuff is just too heavy.
  14. Cant say mine sags at all. Not sure what you're carrying in your bag.. But my dailys go from speedy to Bh to whatever and its fine. Perhaps if you are finding this you could cut a piece of board to stick on the bottom . :smile:

  15. There is a seller on eBay that sells really nice covered cardboard for your specific bag that keeps it from sagging. I will try to find a link.....

    PS- I like the sag!