Batignolles Horizontal question...

  1. Hey there, I think I have decided to purchase this purse through eluxury and wanted to know...since I have not actually seen it in person, are there feet on the bottom of this purse to protect it from the elements? From the style, my guess is no - but I thought I would check with the Pros!!!

    Also, when did this model come out - 2006?

    I just love it and can't wait order it....thanks!!! :graucho:
  2. no feet :smile:
  3. no feet sorry. However it is my favorite shoulder bag period.
  4. thanks, just as I thought!!!
  5. :yes: Excellent choice and super great bag. Here are a couple pics of mine;)
    DSC03738.JPG DSC03739.JPG
  6. Looove the BH! Someday, someday..
  7. yah.. so just be careful with where u set it...
    i was in class today and was shocked to discover GUM on the bottom of my bag!! grrrrrrr i hate ppl who spit gum everywhere
  8. yeah it has no feet just watch where you put it down. I love my BH, it came out last summer I don't remember exactly when though.
  9. It came out in 2005
  10. BH is one of the best bags I have ever had.
  11. i think its a great bag too, i like the style
  12. Love this bag!! I use it everyday!!
  13. My favorite bag. So comfortable and practical.
  14. This is also my favorite LV bag. Love love love the way it looks and how much it can hold. Great choice!
  15. Aww.. I'm sad that you decided against the BV, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the BH !