Batignolles horizontal price in AUD??

  1. Could someone from Australia please tell me the price of the Batignolles horizontal in AUD?
    Thanks so much.
  2. Hi, I bought my batignolles vertical in Jun 07 and it was AUD 1,020 (GST inclusive). I think that the horizontal had the same price as well. However, I am not sure if this is still the same price because US just had a price increase a couple of weeks ago.

    You can ring LV Customer Service 1300 883 880. They are very helpful with price and stock availability enquiries.

    Hope this helped you.
  3. Thanks so much, I do appreciate that.

    I have emailed customer service quite a lot with my millions of questions lol and yes they have been very helpful.
    Thanks again!
  4. if u haven't already found out the price...i just bought the batignolles horizontal today and it was $1040 AUD
  5. Oh thank you so much for that kaz_7, much appreciated!!!!!!!
    How are you finding the bag?
  6. i haven't used it yet but i think i'm liking it more than my neverfull it is more structured and has a mobile phone pocket which comes in handy for me
  7. Oh ok thanks for that, I am debating betweent the neverrfull and batignolles......
  8. Hi, this is not to answer your question, but it could give you an idea on all the prices for the LV bags in Australia. What I do is go to the "France" section of, and literally double the pound prices listed there, and throw in another 30-50 dollars.

    For example, the Batignolles is listed as 500 pounds. And the aussie prices is simply double that, plus $40. So for for me, using that formula often gives me a very close idea as to what the price of a bag I'm looking for is. Most of the time I'm spot on, give or take 10-20 :smile: Hope that helps in the future!
  9. Hi, does anyone know how much is a new BH selling in Hong Kong?
  10. Hi, for the benefit of everyone who is considering this bag, BH is selling at SGD 1270 (after tax) in Singapore and HKD 6700 in Hong Kong currently :smile: