Batignolles Horizontal owners does the lip across the top fray?

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  1. I have only had my BH for about 6 months and it is fraying a bit on the lip going around the top of the bag. Is this normal? Has anyone else had theis happen? Thanx.
  2. It hasn't happened to me. Your bag is still covered under warranty, I would suggest bringing it back to the store.
  3. It hasn't happened to either of my daughters' bags either (both BH's) - I would take it back to the store.
  4. Hasn't happened to my BV....I would take it to the store...could be a defect!
  5. Not to me either. Take it back to the store; they should cover that.
  6. doesn't seem to be happening to mine, and i use it as my school bag so it goes through wind, rain, snow, and sun & clouds lol, 5 days a week for the past year.
  7. hasnt happened to mine either....just wrinkling on the lip part.....
  8. havent you boughten 3 of those already?? :biggrin::graucho:
  9. Can u post photos of what you are talking about, thanks!! As far as my BH -no problems yet, I am putting mine to rest now for a couple of months - it's snowing and it's time for my Looping GM and Mini Looping to come out and play! HA! HA!

    ...if you can share photos, maybe we can get a clearer idea of what you are talking about...thanks!!! :nuts:
  10. Yeah mine doesn't have it...take it in.

  11. Dumb question, I am trying to upload a picture. Can some tell me how to? Thanx!
  12. click on the paperclip icon near the font choices or scroll to the bottom of your reply box and choose Manage Attachments.

  13. [​IMG]

    I uploaded a pic :smile:
    Picture 4009.jpg
  14. That is normal wear.
  15. I've had mine a year and mine is doing that a little bit.
    I don't even carry it everyday as I carry my Chanel's as often.
    I figured it was normal since it's a raw edge. . . probably a bad design decision to have a raw edge.