batignolles Horizontal or Vertical?

  1. I dont know which one would look better on me :shrugs:
    I haven't tried it on in the stores...
    I want to get one from ebay but cant decide which...
    I'm only 5 feet... could you help me decide?:s

    Oh and this is me...
  2. horizontal. i am not a fan of the vertical.
  3. i prefer the Horizontal. the shape of the Vertical looks funny, and if you're short like me it'll make you look even shorter :lol:
  4. Horizontal
  5. I love my vertical, but agree the horizontal will probably be better for you :smile:
  6. ITA, the BH is a better choice.
  7. I agree BH would look great, the Vertical is really too long for my tastes.
  8. BH Baby
  9. Horizontal!:d
  10. BH for sure! BV probably wouldn't seem proportional to your height...try it out and see though. You never know...
  11. thanks ladies!:flowers:
    I'm also leaning towards the Horizontal...
    was just worried that it would look too big on me.:P
  12. Horizontal cause the vertical will make you look shorter!
  13. I'm also super short (shorties represent !) and I have both of them. I prefer the BV tho, it's just a more comfortable shape for me.
  14. Vertical.
  15. Horizontal is the perfect one.