batignolles horizontal or vertical?

  1. which is better & why? thanks!
  2. i like the BH better... no specific reason why, really
  3. I'm short so I would say the horizontal because the bottom of the vertical would probably come down to my knees! :lol:
  4. batignolles horizontal
    reason is its more the size of the piano without the worry of the bottom. I think with the Vertical i feel i'd be digging too much.
  5. I agree with the others. I prefer the Horizontal. It's just the perfect size and you don't have to dig too deep to get what you want.
  6. i also prefer the BH! :yes:
  7. i prefer the BH too, i just like the way it looks... i looks like you dont have to dig very far to get what you need.
  8. As usual my preference seems to be different from the norm - I prefer the BV because I think it elongates my short body and looks nicer. Most ppl here seem to prefer the BH but I think its a little too tote-like for my preferences.

    You should try both on and see which suits you best.
  9. I agree.
  10. I just like the look of the BH more than the BV...
  11. the Vertical seems too long, somehow. the Hortizontal looks more proportioned.
  12. I'm a BH girl. It's just more my shape of a bag.
  13. I think the BH looks better.
  14. BH all the way!
  15. Horizontal all the way.